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    I've never worked with him personally, but Lehrman and his team handle a ton of COLAs. www.bevlaw.com
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    We went with a smaller yamada with an aluminum air motor, stainless bits & pieces, and teflon seals & balls. Handily enough it came with an attached grounding strap. We paid about a grand on ebay after shipping. It was the NDP-20BST. Great little pump.
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    My question is.... why bother? There are so many other time consuming tasks. We just let it go and now it has that nice worn-penny patina.
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    This stuff works great. Wipe on wipe off. http://www.sgtcreed.com/
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    http://santeen.com/#portfolio Use this stuff to remove tarnish instantly. Caution rinse with baking soda and water to neutralize otherwise copper will turn green then wash with soap and water.
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    https://www.everbritecoatings.com/copper.htm I bought some of this stuff to stop tarnishing copper.
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    +1, Yes Paul and others are right. Everyone needs to look out for each other.
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    I'm not sure what you're reading in this thread but the people who have been hurt to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollar are people who trusted Corson. Perhaps Paul could/should have stayed out of it but he was the only vendor/competitor in the mix. I have no idea how you do business in South Africa but up here we have vendors that are for real and others that are fakes. Without this community a perspective buyer could not tell one from another. Frankly, Paul deserves a pass on this. Although he's always pitching Affordable Distilling he has helped many people where he has no chance to sell them anything. IMHO
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    Our distillery was on a street with city steam... approx $125k to connect (it did require closing the street during connection along with all of the regulators & equipment to get it to LP steam) and then you had to contract with the city to purchase steam, the minimum amount was WAY more than we needed. Even when used for heat in the facility the initial outlay simply wasn't economically logical. It certainly sounded like a great approach initially.
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    Since the tours and samples are free I never saw much benefit in using Groupon. We don't like to run sales on the rum itself. Our main business is distribution and we don't want to alienate our retailers by undercutting them regularly. We run ads on Facebook. We don't get nearly the viral reach we did early on due to their algorithms changing. If you are willing to pay you can still get great reach for a relatively low cost. Other than that we pretty much just make sure we are listed on websites like our local tourism bureau, etc. Our main strengths have been making certain that people have a fun time when they visit and making rum that they love. It's just built up over time. OP - Sorry to take your thread on a tangent. Hopefully this is helpful info for you as well.
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    Many spiced rums are formula approved as distilled spirits specialty.
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    When I was a kid in The Great Smoky Mountains we grew our own sugar cane and a man that lived in the same Holler as us had a cane press that was powered by a draft mule walking in a circle turning the gears. We would extract the cane juice and then we would boil it down until it was thick enough to be called molasses. When my Grandfather made Rum he would never use cane juice because the sugar content was too low and no one ever let cane juice sit for any amount of time. He would always use molasses . When I was around 7 years old the man that ran the cane press got his hand into the gears somehow and it smashed his hand really badly. He was bleeding like a stuck hog, so my grandmother who was an old mountain midwife and herbal healer, told me to run over to a shed that was a few feet away and get her a handful of spider webs and bring to her. She took the spider webs and rubbed them into the wound while she muttered the words to a bible verse that she said would "stop blood". The bleeding stopped in a few seconds and no turniquest was needed, when my dad drove the man the 20 miles to the emergency room. My dad said that the Dr. on duty said that without a Tourniquet the man should have bled to death. He could not figure out why the wound clotted so well. Grandma said that she stopped the bleeding with the bible verse but I believe it had more do do with the spider webs. She had another verse that she would use to draw fire (make a burn stop burning). It sure seemed to work on us grand kids if we got burned, but at the same time she muttered the words under her breath, she would be rubbing one of her herbal salves into the burn, so I think that it was the salve. My grandma had an old copper coffin still that she ran on her cook stove. She made really great brandies. She would use the brandies to make her herbal tinctures and her cough medicines. She had tinctures for all kinds of different stuff. One would make you pee while another would make you poop. She had one that would "cure the spring lethargy" by thinning your blood and another that would get you ready for winter, and another that would make you barf and a myriad of others for all kinds of different complaints. I hated all of those tinctures because every one of them tasted horrible. I loved her cough medicine though. It had horehound and some other herbs in it and it tasted really good. Before antibiotics she sometimes used maggots to clean infected wounds. She even talked about using them once for a really bad ear infection. Pretty crazy stuff if you ask me, but all of the really old people around there swore by her healing abilities. She would get mad as hell when she the sto9ry about the Drs back in the 1940s telling her that if she did not stop delivering babies she would be arrested for practicing medicine without a license.
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    Piece of cake actually. We order by the truck but pump it into totes when it arrives. We have cardboard with a hole cut in the center that sits on top of each tote to make cleanup easy. The hose from the truck is moved from tote to tote. We fill 16 - 17 totes on average from one truck but that can vary. As long as you have a forklift and the a vehicle to carry totes of molasses it really won't be that difficult.