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    @Patio29Dadio, I would like to give you one other thing to consider as well in the scenario you shared above is you are thinking about buying this with a guy in your building. That is all good and fine and saves money, but you need to think about insurance. How will you insure it, who will be reimbursed if something happens to the equipment? What happens if the other guy is using it and causes damage or injury and your name is on it as well? There are a lot of things to consider when going in on purchases with folks outside your business. There are solutions to all of these issues, but you need to keep them in mind when looking into joint ventures, for sure. I have seen things like this come back to bite folks who did nothing wrong aside from having a co-ownership on something. Best, Aaron
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    patio29 dadio not sure about a grain in process like you mention , we use the hydrosieve to separate 3rd water from spent grain . as far as fines goes were currently running malt barley thru our process but it is ground very fine . no problem with plugging the hydro sieve the spent grain rolls down and cleans itself . we don't ferment or distill on the grain as it doesn't suit our continuous column , we need our wort and distillers beer clean . we do plan on doing a batch on the grain to compare but haven so far . tim
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    <soapbox> Now I may be speaking only for myself, but when I access this site I get a list of unread contents. I always go to: http://adiforums.com/discover/unread/ When I see the identical post in three different fora it does nothing but irritate me. We'll see your post, no need to spray it all over </soapbox>
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    Yes, have you tried Stevenson Reeves in Scotland?
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    @Sorghumrunner we use a P-sense portable C02 meter for confined space entry. Its simple has a loud alarm and a lanyard for the worker to carry it easily when entering an empty vessel. They may not be the cheapest meter we paid like $300 for it but it is cheap insurance to keep your employees out of harms way
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    It's been a while since I took my class, but I seem to remember the above applying ONLY if the confined space is not vertical entry. So if you're monitoring the air and something goes south, or your attendant notices the entrant acting funny they can get the entrant out without exposing themselves to the hazardous atmosphere. The only situation that is feasible is if the attendant can pull the entrant out, which is not possible with vertical entry and is why it requires a permit as well as equipment to necessitate a safe and timely extraction. I definitely recommend taking a class on confined space, it will clear a lot of things up. It is also not something to screw around with, as if something does happen and you aren't following safety protocol, you are not only going to kill yourself but likely the person that finds you. A class is well worth the couple hundred bucks it will cost, and many places have confined space attendants you can hire out for the day (they have monitoring and extraction equipment too) which makes way more sense if you're cleaning infrequently.
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    As requested I have attached pics of the mod we made to our Mori filler so that we can fine tune the fill height better than the standard setup allows. This filler works great for us now that we have it dialed in and have staff that know how to use it properly.