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    Of the ones we looked at, Hoochware looked the most promising and economical. But when we went to do a trial, we realized it did not track everything we were already tracking in our own house-developed Filemaker Database with Quickbooks used for accounting and inventory costing. But we did note that the developer seemed very open to adding features, and it might always be that it can do now some of things it was missing when we looked at it. Meanwhile, we keep building up our own.
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    Depending on the desired product and the low wines proof, we will add water to them to be able to run the spirit and stay below 160p for whiskey. I find that low wines about 60p require me to adjust the run speed and dephlemator/condenser water flow rates to keep below 160p at the start of the run. It is just easier and faster for me to dilute the low wines to 50p and run as expected.
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    We have been using hoochware for about 2 years now. Does a decent job of tracking what I need. Talking to Shawn this week, they are working on a major upgrade. Sounded like they would be adding some good features.
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    Speaking of young talented distillers: we are in the early stages of Texas based Distillery project, and will be looking for a young up-in/comer to execute our one-of-kind vision. We would love to start a dialogue if you know someone we should be talking to.