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    You really can't go wrong with the Anton Paar DMA 5000. Great ease of use, fast, precise and accurate, and legal. https://us.vwr.com/store/product/20269910/density-meters-dma-generation-m-anton-paar I think I have an extra 10% VWR coupon code if needed.
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    Back from the dead, nearly 10 years later.
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    We have a forklift. Cant imagine life with out it. We move barrels with it. And smoke cigarettes at the same time, and run with scissors.
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    Probably not a scammer. It is appropriate to do 30 seconds of diligence before you derail a thread in the B2B world in my opinion. I wouldnt expect to be impressed by the knowledge of a banker who is hunting for opps at a client's request, they are just try to do business, probably looking for help, not insults. https://www.coldwellbanker.com/Coldwell-Banker-Distinctive-Properties-11781c/James-Kuehn-453643a
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    We are going to market soon with a rum that's aged in cab sauv barrels that underwent no aggressive swelling prior to our refill and all the remnants from the previous fill are significantly impacting the flavor profile. It's pretty tasty.
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    Almost ever commercial level product has a hard drive or hard drives and records over the video.... when properly programmed. There are a number of things that you want to be able to set,,, one is motion recording. This will only record and use drive space ( or potentially bandwidth) when the camera sees motion. The frame rate... which can be set as high as 30 frames per second. Should be down around 7 unless your looking at alot of fast moving activity. Etc etc. There are alot of tweaks that can be done in order to save both drive space and bandwidth. On top of that you set this system to recycle say anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the amount of drive space you use. With motion detection on that varies with how much activity your camera sees and whether you have set them up correctly. A number of companies make decent systems with good or better remote access and expandable drive space. The cheapest ive used is HIK Vision. There stuff is good.. not my favorite and their support is ok. For you that want to build out your own pc id use Geovision. Software is free with them. Their support is just ok.... i no longer will build out a pc for this. PCs run into issues over time. Id stick with a more hardware based solution such as the HIK or one of the better brands. I love 3xlogic. Not expensive, made in usa, excellent tech support, great online access options, hardened recorder... lots of options. You cant go wrong with 3x. They also have the Infinias line of access control that integrates with your video so card access also gives you a recording tied to it making looking up stuff super easy. And god forbid your not their and the cops show up and need a video to go... you can do that remotely for them and all someone has to do is stick in a blank dvd for you. We spend ridiculous amounts on a still and barely blink.... step up a little and get a good surveillance system. Perhaps you will never need it. But the day you do you will feel it was the best money you ever spent. Scott
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    You guys are made of money to be using $12 a pound citric or gallons of Heinz 57. Damn, you probably even use the more expensive squeeze bottle versions too. Meanwhile, the rest of us are stuffing our pockets full at Burger King. I phone up my local chemical supply and walk out with a 50 pound bag of FCC/USP Grade Citric Acid for about $60. No sales tax on that either. Mash Acidification - Check Still Copper Rejuvenation - Check Tricking your 5 year daughter to stick her finger in and taste it - Priceless
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    I assume you are referring to general distillery trade waste, not from the sinks and bathrooms. We operate in a rural area also and initially we had to truck all our trade waste off for external disposal, at great cost. We now treat the waste on-site. No septic, or air assisted bio-cycle system will cope with distillery trade waste for three reasons; The pH is way too low THE BOD is too high (typical of boiled waste) The amount of residual alcohol is often too high in 'small' distilleries (we often dump our stillage at 2% residual alcohol, as its too expensive to strip-out the remainder) We established an on-site treatment system FOR THE TRADE WASTE ONLY (all sink and bathroom effluent is treated in a standard AWT septic system) comprising of three 10kl concrete tanks. The waste is transfered on a batch basis from one to the other, and then finally sprayed out onto rural pastures. The tanks work as follows; Tank 1 takes the raw waste, and holds until we have about 10kl, we then pH adjust to 7.2 with Calcium Carbonate. Residual chlorine is resolved with H2O2. BOD is measured, as well as copper, lead and N2 levels (local EPA requirement). Calcium Carbonate dissolves very slowly so we need to recirculate this tank for about 24 hours Tank 2 has a pump over aeration system that fixes the BOD and dissolved O2 levels, this again takes about 24 hours of circulation. Bentonite is added in the last hour of aeration just before transfer to tank 3. Tank 3 is the settling tank, we settle the sludge for 24 hours, the clear water is then fed by pump to an open field for irrigation. The sludge is drained monthly, and dumped onto open compost mounds. This system has been working flawlessly for 2 years and has proved very cheap to operate.
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    Hello Distilling Community! This is Remington Riehl here, and I handle all client relations for Atlas Barrel. I am sure that I have met up with many of you in person or at least spoken with you over the phone. To clear the air, we are 100% a working cooperage out here in Watertown, MN. I posted a video below from the guys at the factory hard at work today. We are open M-F 7:30-4pm, and welcome anybody who's interested in a free tour of the shop, and an opportunity to link up with our founder while you personally char a barrel yourself! I know that our Owner reached out to you Avonak and came to a delivery agreement. Separately, Red Pine, I've responded to your PM you sent us on our Facebook page directly. And no...we are not tied to the Russian Federation. We are a hard-working bunch of individuals here in middle America, trying to supply a unique cask, made from 100% Minnesota white oak to interested distillers in our community. I've requested to take down a duplicate profile page on Facebook to mitigate confusion. It was created at our companies inception by one of our founder's kids and never managed FYI. This is our current page https://www.facebook.com/atlasbarrel/ Ping me or give me a shout anytime, and I'd be more than happy to chat with you. -Cheers, Remington Client Relationship Manager remington@atlasbarrel.com 612-424-5700 (ext3) http://atlasbarrel.com/ Atlas Barrel Factory 7-26-2018.mp4
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    thanks Paul . we raise sled dogs but kim always has a pet red bone coon hound kicking around lol . tim
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    Our chickens do a great job of eating everything we throw at them
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    I do consulting also, with a sliding hourly rate, depending on size of facility. But I also consult as a scientist in other high-tech areas, and my rates for that are double or more. I try to be liberal with my knowledge on the forums, but often people's questions require the dedicated time and attention that they will need from a consultant. There are many good ones that post or lurk in the forums here.
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    Specifics of the effect of a dephleg depend very much on the geometry and design of the dephleg and how it is operated. So there is no very useful basic answer, other than to say: it will increase reflux at the head of the still or in the vapor path (depending on design), which will tend to increase proof, increase separation, but reduce flow. Other than geometry and design, in operation, you want to control the temperature and flow rate of the coolant in the dephleg to vary the reflux, and you may want that to be fixed or to be varied by some sort of feedback system. Beyond that is beyond the basics, and also will require details of your depheg geometry and design.
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    We just finished this 100 gallon operating capacity still with a 6" three plate stainless bubble plate column this week. This still has enough copper internals in the column to guarantee 100% copper vapor interaction. The price for this still as it sits is only $3,319.50.
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    The best thing to come out of this forum.
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    Meerkat is awesome. Love alcodens, use it every day, can’t wait to use LQ. Indispensable.
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    Okay bro. Im sick of this shit. It aint moonshine if you pay taxes on it. Its just unaged whiskey or GNS etc. Aint shine. lets stop this BS now guys it really is grinding my gears and the only people making money on it are the big boys pretending they're us. Only valid excuse for labeling anything you make shine is if you literally make it at night under the light of the waning moon for marketing purposes.
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    Hey John, I have tried your vodka via our mutual friend Mike Culleton. Good stuff mate. Matt
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    AlcoDens LQ is amazing.
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    I believe Journeyman's rye is a high wheat rye. Or at least it was.
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    Air bubbles rising through the spirit tank will absorb small amounts of the more volatile compounds in your whisky and drag them out into the atmosphere. This is a bit like what happens when pouring a whisky then nosing it over quite a long period. For a young whisky especially, the initial nose can be quite spirity and offensive then it settles down as those more volatile compounds drift off. Bubbling air or nitrogen through the spirit will speed up the removal of those highly volatile compounds. (Part of the ageing process in barrels is getting rid of those offensive volatiles as part of the "angels share") Before I bottle most of my whiskies I tip the barrels into a vat and leave the lid off, sometimes for several days, until the harsh volatiles have drifted off. If it is taking too long then I will stir very vigorously, a similar effect to agitating with air bubbles. The alcohol concentration can drop by about 0.5% but the whisky tastes and noses much better. Is there any chemical reaction with the introduced oxygen? I don't know, but it tastes better.
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    Variance of fill with a level filler is going to be impacted by the quality of your glass. Glass produced by a discount manufacturer is more likely to have higher variance in fill volumes than that of a higher quality producer. At least that has been my experience. The TTB does have a pretty wide allowable variance in fill volumes, and you need to test and record those tests every bottling. They want to see an approximately equal number of over and under fills. However the quality of a level filler may also affect the consistency of visual fill level. Our rotary monoblock has a 16 head filler, but every bottle is ran through the same leveler after being filled. This minimizes the variance of the visual fill levels, and our glass quality has shown us very consistent fill volumes when the fill levels are the same.
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    Craft distilleries not nearly as creative as Brooklyn. Youve got like 4 main stories. First Distillery (insert something here) since prohibition - except your not. My pappy was a moonshiner or related to Al Capone - so was everyone else's. Secret recipe found hidden in a safe or wall of a building - was probably thrown away for good reason. Local and sustainable - except distilling is only slightly less ecofriendly than a superfund site.
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    The more I post, the faster I move up the ladder from "newbie" to "Master Distillerator"