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  1. Invaluable equipment vs

    Good question, the biggest waste was probably our 80 gallon air compressor. We anticipated moving all of our mash with our pneumatic diaphragm pump and we did for about a month until we invested in a flexible impeller pump from US FIP (which turned out to me our most valuable piece of unplanned equipment). The FIP is so much quieter, easier to use, flexible, reversible and easily able to handle our grain-in mashes. We still use the compressor and pump to move high wines and finished spirits but we could have gotten by with a smaller, less expensive, compressor for that job.
  2. libdib anyone?

    Very interesting, also curious to hear thoughts from others...
  3. ACSA Convention

    Anyone here planning on attending the convention in Pittsburgh this year?
  4. ACSA Convention

    Good feedback, hope they take note!
  5. ACSA Convention

    I've suggested to them to offer a vendor floor pass but it's difficult to segregate the floor pass holders from the full convention passes. Breakout sessions, breakfast, lunches etc included in the full convention pass so it would difficult to monitor attendance. $600 pretty much in line with other conventions no? Haven't heard of any off-site gatherings other than the Monday night tasting event which will be open to guests as well as attendees.
  6. ACSA Convention

    Butcher and the Rye is a must stop while in Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh has become a real food/drink mecca over the last few years, in downtown alone you can go to Proper Brick Oven, a real craft beer/spirits hot spot, the usual assortment of steak houses (Morton's, Ruth Chris, Red), Pork N Beans, Meat N Potato's, Tako, and more. Also, if anyone has a car and feels like making a 30 minute drive south, we'd be happy to show ya'll around our distillery.
  7. Small explosion at Wigle Whiskey

    Ugh, scary situation for sure. Hope all are ok!
  8. New tax reform

    As Joe Dehner said in another thread on this topic, just move all of your product out of your bonded facility into a non-bonded storage area at the end of 2019.
  9. Craft is Not a Commodity

    Maybe it's late, maybe those few drams I had after dinner leave me unable to process the written word adequately, or maybe I'm just a bit dense, but I'm having a little trouble figuring out your point here. If you're saying craft trumps brand and craft is here to stay, I'm 100% behind you although I do believe that independently owned craft distilleries also need to build strong brands and compelling stories to compete in the marketplace with commodity products.
  10. Best label company

    We love the team at Impact Print Solutions, Rochester NY. http://www.impactprintsolutions.com/
  11. Speedy Barcodes

    Guess that's it Hedgebird, we should probably just close up shop now. It's been fun, good luck to you in your next endeavour. Sarcasm aside, every startup is different with different levels of funding, different growth objectives, etc. To summarily dismiss those that choose a different option is silly without knowing a bit more about their business.
  12. Speedy Barcodes

    I used Nationwide Barcodes, they work great. We are not in any national chains or any other outlets that require official GS1 codes. If you're looking to cut costs, and most startup distilleries are not flush with cash, barcodes are a much better place than equipment/labels/etc to save a few bucks. If Sam's Club picks up your product, you'll have enough money to change your labels to official barcodes then. Just my humble opinion...
  13. Buying Ingredients from Local Farms

    Moisture content is also very important. The moisture content required for harvesting corn is not dry enough for long term storage - we have our farmer dry our corn so that it will not spoil during the summer months.
  14. Accolades for Others

    You're welcome to stop in and say hello next time you're back in the Burgh, we'd love to show you around!
  15. New DSP in Ohio

    Congrats John! My wife is from Marion OH so next time we are visiting family in the area we'll have to try to stop by!
  16. Collection Tank

    Open with locking lids!
  17. Stillhouse Vs. Whiskey Systems

    I said it above and I'll say it again, you owe it to yourself to also investigate Hoochware. Price/features/support, Hoochware excels in all 3, we love it.
  18. Collection Tank

    Yep, stainless. We got our 30 gallon drums from Janszen Products in Cincinnati.
  19. Collection Tank

    How much are you talking about? We use a combination of 55 and 30 gallon SS drums (open top, lids with locking rings). Our bigger drums are equipped with wheels and we have all of our 30 gallon drums on movers dollies. Easy to get onto our floor scale for recording weights.
  20. Southernhighlander, I think you may be too personally invested in the moonshine culture to appreciate Roger's point. I, like Hedgebird, made a conscious decision to avoid calling our white whiskey moonshine. The term moonshine means a lot of things to a lot of people around here, not all of them positive. While I appreciate a good moonshine, I also see a lot of shortcuts taken by some who simply purchase GNS, create dozens of flavor options and throw it in a mason jar. People seem to love it, especially the non-whiskey connoisseurs (trust me, you don't want to be at a tasting event right next to the moonshine guy and try to get non whiskey drinkers to appreciate your aged whiskey right after sampling a variety of apple pie, strawberry panty dropper, pink lemonade, etc). Moonshines definitely have their place in the craft world, Roger's point was simply (I think) that including "shiner" in your name may very well prejudice the craft consumer you are trying to capture?
  21. Mashing Off Site

    I've heard of others doing this. As long as you pitch the yeast I don't believe there is a problem. I would imagine you'll have to get the weights of grains used in the mash as they are required in your monthly TTB Production Reports.
  22. Bourbon Mash and Malt (DP)

    Hey BigRed, glad to hear you are continuing to make progress. We do not use enzymes in any of our mash bills. Yes, the malt ratio is necessarily higher (and more expensive) but we like the flavor that malt adds to our whiskeys.
  23. New equipment

    Trident Stills in Etna Maine. Excellent product and customer service.
  24. From final decision to go for it until first distillation was 16 months, 18 months until opened doors to public. At least 6 or 7 years of thinking about it until we decided to go for it.
  25. New oak barrels southeast PA

    Wilson Forest Products is an awesome place. It's in Greene County PA and we've visited there a couple times. Unfortunately, at the time we visited, he was basically producing bigger barrels for the European wine market and the smallest barrel he produced was 250 liters.