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  1. We do a stripping run with a straight column (pot still) with no separation of grain from mash. We started by separating the grain from the mash (major pain in the ass) but tried it with grain in the boiler with elements and it worked fine. Out boiler is stainless 53-gallon with 2 of the 5500 watt elements. I fill the boiler with water just above the elements before adding the fermented mash and have had no problems besides a few stuck corn kernels. No agitator although it would be nice. I scrub the elements after each run with copper wool. On the stripping run we run both elements full blast until vapor starts than back off to 65% power for balance of run. We have a Still Dragon 5" crystal dragon column with 4 plates for finish run. Works great. No bad tastes. I have purchased two 6500 watt stainless elements but not installed them yet.
  2. Starting with whiskey and a moonshine. Eventually vodka if I live long enough. Thanks for the shout.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. Will check out the VA Distillers Assoc.
  4. Starting a new micro-distillery in Evington, VA (just south of Lynchburg). Received TTB and state permits in Oct 2014. Working on formulations for mash and fine-tuning distilling techniques. Have already obtained much info from this forum. Hope to have some input soon. Pugman
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