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  1. I'm trying to source a provider of custom wooden cocktail stirrers, anyone have any ideas? Thank you!! Marsh
  2. Tamper evident seal

    Thank you!!
  3. Tamper evident seal

    I am looking for a simple clear plastic tamper evident seal that has a vertical perforation for easy removal. Anybody have any recommendations? Something like this.. Many thanks! Marsh
  4. Apothecary Bottle?

    Try the Kefla Apothiker, talk to Nico, nico@kefla.de here is a link to the bottle on their site. http://www.kefla.de/en-us/products/art_161600004/apotheker-cork-brown-700ml/
  5. 48 NEW 30G barrels Char-4

    I have 48 new 30-gallon (barrel mill), char-4 white oak barrels for sale. They are being delivered in a couple days. Anybody need them? $250 each + shipping. <<<<SOLD>>>>