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  1. I'm bulk purchasing Agave Spirit from a Mexican distillery. They sent me a sample of their product for the purchase of 8000L. The production is complete and they are ready to ship so they sent me this analysis: Specs of Option A. Agave Spirit. Product: Agave Spirt. Process: The product is done with Blue Agave plant and Sugar Cane Distillated and other sugars. Characteristics: Color: Colorless Appearance: Crystalline Smell: Predominantly Agave Taste: Predominantly Agave Body: Light Range of allowed Values. Min. Max. Alc. Vol. 54 55 (mg/100ml A.A) Superior Alcohols 98 105 (mg/100ml A.A) Methanol 50 60 (mg/100ml A.A) Aldehydes 1.5 3 (mg/100ml A.A) Esters 4.5 7 (mg/100ml A.A) Furfural 1 2 (mg/100ml A.A) Place of Origin: Jalisco, México. Can anyone explain what these numbers mean? Are they in a good range for Agave Spirit (Tequila)? What would be ideal? I also noticed it's not 100% blue agave. I asked for 100%. Do these numbers give a hint on what percentage of agave is used? Thanks for any help.