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  1. What happens to inventory on hand if you cease distillery operations? Can you just pay the tax due and keep it?
  2. Yes, it was vague. I wasnt in a mood to elaborate at the time. I have lots more I could add. Maybe later. Also, the person that designed the monthly reports should be super proud.
  3. Thanks Glenlyon, But your not even close. I have no tax issue I have no debt. I am not new to owning and running a business, been doing it for 30 years, but this is different. First, I get multiple responses to the same questions from TTB constantly. 1 example, when first getting started I sent in the required Beginning Operations notice. This can be found in ECFR 19.292 months later I receive an email from a "specialist" with a big long explanation on why the letter was not required, I still have the email. Another example, During one COLA application I get another "specialist" thats going through the already approved formula questioning everything and asking for changes to the formula. So apparently this person handles that approval too. I give specific answers with reference for them to read so they understand their own regs. I get put on hold for review for weeks. They showed me. Example 3, I needed to make an amendment to the DSP permit so I send everything thats needed and get denied because I dont have the authority to make the change. Umm, I own the building 100%, no bank. I own the equipment 100%, no bank. The permit is in my name. I put in a call, I ask, If i dont have the authority to make a change who does? Answer, " we will review and let you know" weeks later I get the answer, oops sorry your info was incorrectly put in the computer. Moving on to State problems. When first starting I contact the office thats supposed to explain everything that one needs to do. I follow all instructions and think everything is done after receiving permits, liquor license, sales tax number. Ok now we can start fermenting, right? Nope. I find out I need another "secret" certificate. It must be a secret since the first office that details all the requirements you need doesnt even know about this, I have that email too that reads, "we are unfamiliar with this certificate". So in goes the application, sent certified mail, you know so it needs to be signed for and I know a person actually got it. 10 days later after still not being notified it was received I call the post office. Its lost in a city in the opposite direction of where it was supposed to be going. I ask whats the problem? Answer from post office "dont know its just sitting there" So I decide to send in another application using priority envelope this time. Both apps get received on the same day. Great, now I have 2 applications there. This will be interesting to explain. I wait 10 days before placing a call to the department handling the application, so it has time to get there from the mailroom and all. I say to the very nice lady on the phone, I'm just calling to see that you received my papers. Nope I dont see em, you might need to give it a few days to get to us after its received in the mailroom. Uh, it was received 10 days ago, how far away is the mailroom? She says well let me check something else, ohhhhh there it is. I ask how long it takes to approve and my answer, "1 week". Oh great, thanks. 2 months later I get it. Then there is the state label registration. The form has to be filled out in pdf, no hand written will be accepted. No problem. Except the required info differs from the COLA. They give no line to insert "Fanciful name" that I had to use because of being a specialty. Now they dont know how to process it because there is no line for any "Fanciful name" That was 2 months ago. Then there are the problems with the help which everyone here knows about and I wont list. Man, this just aint worth it. Is it?
  4. My name could be signed at the bottom of the post by Mash dated april 8 and it would be almost impossible to know I didnt write it. But, before i do something rash I and going to toss around my thoughts and future plans for a couple weeks. I might have a post in the for sale section soon.
  5. Thank you James. That answer is exactly why I asked the question. CFR doesnt specify what they want for a scale other than .5 lb minimum for 1000lb. So what to do
  6. Tom, I had already read the requirements for a scale in the CFR but it is not clear on what they want other than the minimum graduations. It does not specify legal for trade but shouldn't a scale have to be?
  7. I need a scale for weighing spirits and dont know what to get. Do these need to be legal for trade to satisfy ttb? or is it just the accuracy of the scale that matters. I need something in the 1000lb range
  8. Maybe I used the wrong number, I got it from this forum. Anyone have another number to try?
  9. I did try him but never got a return call.
  10. Can someone please give a recommendation for an Insurance co that offers a reasonable priced distillery policy.
  11. We were recently notified by NYDEC that we need a permit for bottling operations because of VOCs. I guess its because of evaporation during bottle filling. The problem is they figure the lbs of alcohol evaporation by the size of your bottler, bottle filling capacity per hour x 24/7x365. Then the annual lbs of VOCs emitted is calculated by them for our permit. Does anyone else have such a permit? Does anyone actually have an accurate number for lbs lost during bottling for their specific bottler?
  12. I am ready to apply for my TTB permit. How far along with the building that will be the distillery should I be before sending in the application? It is an older building in need of work. The place is not junk but needs work. I own it free and clear. The main thing is it needs the old concrete floor removed and replaced with a nice one with a drain. So at what point is it the correct time to apply for DSP.
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