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  1. Curators Reserve

    carbon monoxide

    Further to this - what about Carbon Monoxide from Still Parrot outlet? My Gas/ LEL Meter picks up decent levels that I assume is CO2/ CO off-gas from the Wash degassing in the Boiler during heat-up..
  2. Curators Reserve

    rum waste

    Moving Bed Bio-Reactor - MBBR - sewage and water treatment tech used in Aquaculture & Food processing water applications is a solid option as BOD/ COD treatment is the key. Post MBBR could utilise Ozone dosed foam fractionation or Solar Photo-Fenton tech..
  3. Curators Reserve

    Poll: Do you clarify your molasses

    Aussie Cane Farm - Rum process here "Grass to Glass" you could say, we are a miniature version of Commercial Sugarcane Mill Prior to Effet (Vac Evaporator) our 80L (22gal) Clarifer is a Conical Tank (Imhoff Tank design) @ pH 7.6-7.8. Food grade Floc added as Clarifer is filled. 4-6 hr Settling time (needing improvement to sub 4 hrs & Continuous is best scenario) Low & High offtake valves on Clarifier leaving ~20L (5gal) of Mud ('Mill Mud/ Filterpress') This ~20L (5 gal) volume could & should be reduced to say ~8 litres (~2gal) of thick mud/ sludge and the supernatant collected or separated. So ~10% Mud/Sludge of ~8L (2 gal) & ~72L (20gal) of Supernatant Clarified Cane Juice is my personal goal. That juice then gets reduced in the Effet to ~20L of 63-65 Brix Syrup.. Can be as high as 70.. Hot Syrup is cooled and used for fermentation as needed... am considering passing hot syrup through coffee/ oil cone filters prior to cooling to standardise the end product. With Electrical utilities @ 25c/KwH - the above is very passive aside from a RIMS or HERMS config for heating cane juice on the Clarifier inlet comingf rom Mix Juicer @ 80+c. Each Cane Varietal offers slight variances in the above summary - no different beast when using various corn/ maize or barley malt sources..
  4. Curators Reserve

    Vintage/ Antique Commercial Stills

    https://still4u.com/ - this is perhaps what your after - complete service offer..
  5. Curators Reserve

    rum waste

    +1 for each of the above comments.. Yes what is the wastewater/ trade-waste issues for sewer discharge. BOD/COD & even colour is fairly easy to pre-treat with minimal costs. High % Dunder/ Back-set will certainly assist utilise. Aerobic treatment & garden bed/ fertiliser application is simple. What are the specific objections of the County - as frustrating as most of us fine - it is typically to be 3 steps & stay ahead of municipal standards/ requirements. Any other DSP or Breweries in your location for reference or connect with to chew the fat on such issues faced by others?
  6. Curators Reserve

    Birectifier for gin development

    Loving this Birectifier analysis across a broad suite of Distilled spirits.. Fantastic to see the principles applied to all-comers & the results/ data. Keep up the efforts - am eating the BA posts for breakfast. lunch & dinner
  7. Curators Reserve

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    Australian Rum regs denote 'Sugarcane Products' I certainly see both sides of the Rum/ Whisky view on Sorghum and am on the Grain Whisky side of the fence - although sorghum molasses would certainly boost those all important Brix nicely..
  8. Curators Reserve

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    Approx 120-150L Clean clarified Cane Juice extracted from 1000Kg/ Metric Tonne of Fresh harvested Cane - that is using a First-Press 3 Roller Mill with ~70% efficiency. Hammer Mill/ Shredder/ Mulcher pre Mill would increase up to perhaps ~90% extraction. Lacto infection abounds in a Cane Crush/ Juicing Mill.
  9. Curators Reserve

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    Cut Cane - Juice - Syrup processing within ~24 hrs - commercial Sugarcane Mills target 16 hrs. Cut Cane & use a Heavy Duty Garden Shredder/ Mulcher & then a 3-Roller Mill (or hydaulic wine press) to extract juice. Unless you scrub cane clean - juice will be very dark & dirty. Next step is Fine Screening Filter prior to Mix Juicer - Holding tank at 78c for 1 hr with Lime added to pH of 7.8-8.0 to break down natural cane fibre starches with cane amylase. Clarify your juice with a food grade flocculant to settle out the Mill Mud. You then need to evaporate the water off the juice (SugarCane is ~70% water/ 15% Fibre 15% Sugar). Vacuum Evaporator is the best way to go here to increase Brix from ~15-16 of Juice to ~60 of Cane Syrup. If you want an Agricole style product - just filter the juice & let wild ferment or add in your yeast. If you want Cane Syrup for a Rum Fermentation than the above process is just a 'snapshot' of the reality of Commercial Sugarcane processing & Cane Syrup Production. Panela/ Muscovado/ Pilloncillo/ Rapadura are all essentially dry Massecuite - boiled, unrefined raw sugar syrup. SugarDaddy on here is your man for Panela. How do I know this - I do all of the above every day including the Farm to Barrel process of Rum & Agricole production in Australia - including Crushing/ Juicing/ Syrup/ Fermentation/ Distillation/ Barrel Management. Happy to assist.
  10. Curators Reserve

    HAZ EX/OP Area - Mobile/ Cell Phones

    For clarity on this - it is not my DSP but who I work for. The DSP is owned & operated here in Australia by the local county (Municipal Council) - primarily as a Tourist attraction for the Sugar Cane & Cane/ Sugar Processing industry in AU. Due to the 'Risk adverse' nature of the County/ Municipal Council - the OSHA/ OH&S is somewhat overkill due to the public interaction & proximity to the HAZ areas (4-6 ft). I concur on the ~80 DSP visits I have done across AU/ NZ/ USA/ Canada/ UK/ Ireland/ Italy that very few if any have these same issues.. Other than Mythbusters dis-proving the Cell phone- Gas Pump myth - is there any Industry related reference or 'Code of Practice' etc that can be sourced or Professional opinion weight in on this?
  11. Curators Reserve

    HAZ EX/OP Area - Mobile/ Cell Phones

    Hi ADI. What is the realistic & legitimate Risk Assessment of use of Mobile Phones/ Cell phones and even Vehicle Key Fobs in direct zone around Distillation Pot/ Column under operation for an 'Open' system versus 'Closed' system? Tight OSHA/ OH&S here on a small (200L Pot & 200L Column) Rum Distillery that is up & close & personal for Tourists to visit & frequent & after touring ~80+ Distilleries globally in past 5 years, very, very few have a mobile/ cell phone policy within the stillhouse. All feedback, thoughts & advice appreciated.
  12. Curators Reserve

    Thermocouple - Wifi Data-Logger

    Looking for simple Thermocouple data loggers & software for tracking Vapour & Pot temps during runs.. Any Recommendations & tips appreciated.
  13. Curators Reserve

    Historic Books About Distillery Business?

    Google Books has plenty to search back to 1700s & 1800s
  14. Curators Reserve

    Looking for suggestions on separating grain after mashing

    Love your work Pete - always inspirational Do you treat the grain for any further recovery after this screen? What is the screen um size - would you go any finer? What is your run-time on this per `100L or 1000L?
  15. Curators Reserve

    Continuous fermentation

    Some great reads on various other Distilling Forums on multiple generation washes & also Dunder/ Backset etc. Have you done any cost benefit or pro's & cons on doing this. You looking at a larger wash & removing a % for each stripping run - to then top up & continue the ferment?