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  1. I have always used PBW with great success. Two tablespoons per gal so 19 cups per 150 gal. keep the tun heated , mixer on and leave overnight. I also alternate with citric acid. More Beer has a good price on 50 pound buckets of PBW I just purchased a 100 gal (working) bain marie that had a very heavy layer of scorched oil inside the jacket. It took a little while with the PBW but now looks brand new.
  2. So whatever happened with this ? Did the PBW work?
  3. Is there a VFD controlling your mixer and if so can't you just change direction. Or if it a three phase motor just switch any two leads
  4. I have always had great success with this product removing organic materials that were baked on, dried on or however it was built up. the trick is time and heat. Just let it do the work. Running your mixer may help it speed along. This is just my experience with the product. You could call Five Star and get their professional advise https://www.fivestarchemicals.com
  5. I would recommend using PBW 6 ounces per gal heated to 140f and leave overnight. No scrubbing and no hassle. I have used this many times and it works fantastic
  6. This is a neat video showing how to change the gin basket in a carter head during the run. Your basically just going to full reflux, open the head, switch out the basket, close the head and then turn down reflux for normal running. easy peasy
  7. They were very good to deal with. The construction I would rate as good (great for the price). I had to buy about $5.00 worth of bolts and nuts that were lost in shipping, not even worth calling the seller. We are in Chicago and he did invite us up, so if you are in driving distance I would highly recommend giving it a test drive.
  8. Check these guys out. Just purchased one but have not set it up yet. http://www.pelletmasters.com/HammerMill/index.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwh7zWBRCiARIsAId9b4qgnjX01u0xoMXsJ1XW6SBnbuHcEuc-KB7eLfE0Rbc-diQ2pbLBUzsaAtCgEALw_wcB
  9. We just attended the three day course at Kothe (actually at Koval in Chicago). I thought it was a pretty good course and they are very open about their operation.
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