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  1. MisterStiller

    Typical yield from low wines during vodka spirit run

    You guys are definitely right on 37.5 gallons being high, those numbers where based on a very wheat heavy grain bill and an inefficient still design. Lately Ive been working with potatoes and ive seen that heads number hover around 10% so I would probably be cutting after 15 gallons. This is for a packed still without plates so If you guys are working on the european style stills Im sure your getting much better efficiency. Im not saying these numbers are absolutely perfect this is just what Ive been experiencing lately. Cheers!
  2. MisterStiller

    Adding base to low wines to prevent esterfication

    I've been adding calcium carbonate but only have 1 batch done with that process, still a little early to say anything conclusively. What are your low wines starting at as far as ph, and what are you bringing them up to? Mine start at around 4.5 and ive been buffering to a 5.5. I wouldn't add anything to your final product, seems like filtering out the base would be semi annoying and im assuming it would have a big effect on your final flavor, but I could totally be missing something here. Cheers!
  3. MisterStiller

    Typical yield from low wines during vodka spirit run

    I always assume 25% heads, 70% hearts, and 5% tails if your getting proper stratification and separation in your columns. So if your charging 300 gallons of 100 proof you should have 150 gallons of ethanol, equating to 37.5 gallons heads, 112.5 gallons of hearts, and 7.5 gallons of tails. Obviously this is assuming a good fermentation and stripping run practices. Cheers!
  4. MisterStiller

    Hard wheat

    Is anyone using hard red or white wheat for vodka production? Sourcing soft wheat has been an issue for us and it seems like hard wheat would be a little easier to aquire. Im just worried about the higher protein and lower starch content giving me harder to work with, less productive mashes.
  5. MisterStiller

    Rye Whiskey Mash - Help

    What enzymes are you using? and how happy are you keeping them in terms of temperature and PH?
  6. MisterStiller

    Parrot assembly

    Thanks guys!
  7. MisterStiller

    Parrot assembly

    What are you guys doing for a parrot assembly when its not included in your equipment? I was hoping to find one with a tri clover connection and a place for a hydrometer but im striking out. Cheers!
  8. MisterStiller

    Carbon Chill Filtration Assemblies

    Im also interested in this. Let me know when you can provide quotes.
  9. MisterStiller

    6 spout gravity filler from GW Kent

    Should I be worried about the gaskets or pump on the nappa fillers affecting the taste of the spirit? Im worried about the rubber or plastic leeching due to the higher abv.