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  1. Like new 30 gallon TopCo racks. Have an even dozen. Will ship from Austin TX. $50/doublerack plus freight. Contact andrew@stillaustin.com
  2. Still looking for these. I have a dozen or so never used.
  3. Kimberly Frost. http://www.mfhliquorlaw.com/about/kimberly-a-frost/
  4. ...and is on its way to Austin Texas. Looking for the right person to join Still Austin Whiskey Co. and lead the production team. Distillery will be operational May/June 2016 and we are currently hiring. Please see job listing here: http://www.craftbeveragejobs.com/jobs/view/craft-distillery-production-leader/ More details about StillAustin are available here: http://stillaustin.com/ And here: https://www.facebook.com/StillATX/?
  5. Hey Hypnopooper, Curious for an update on your experience with the Confederate Cypress fermenters. We are looking at them over here in Austin. Could you let me know your thoughts on maintenance, sanitation, and flavor contribution? Thanks
  6. An Austin, Texas distillery is seeking a Master Distiller ready to spread his/her creative wings and be part of a superior team launching an innovative new brand. The distillery, a “grain to glass” facility, is scheduled to open in Austin in the fall of 2015. See attached PDF for full job description and contact information.
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