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  1. I get asked this a lot and I thought this to be a good start, or at least I wish I had this direction when I was starting in brandy production. https://blog.dropbit.io/2018/11/06/the-7-secrets-to-producing-quality-brandy/
  2. iliasm

    Feeling very pleased with my efforts

    Congratulations Pete! I assume this leaves you with no time for sand castles!
  3. iliasm

    Re-purposing heads into usable alcohol

    That would be great, I'm sure there some good information on those documents as well. I also plan on doing a test from the document you shared above that mentions the use of heads towards the end of the fermentation (3.8 Brix) since I have a ferment that's almost done, although his recommendation is to add it mid-level when the fermentation is the most vigorous, so that will be done at the next fermentation and compare results. Cheers, -ilias
  4. iliasm

    Re-purposing heads into usable alcohol

    Thank you @bostonapothecary for sharing the documents and the lecture, there was also mention of further research that was fallen through in terms of bringing them forward as a book. @Foreshot ABV of the heads was at an average of 75%, fermentation started slow possibly due to the ABV but completed with no issues. I did add extra nutrients and a second round of yeast additions mid-way to help finish. It was an open top fermentation, yes in terms of the percentage of ABV it was the same as my normal wine fermentations, although this was apple based, which was my first time doing so not a lot of experience there. In terms of aroma and flavor, I did not notice anything when the fermented cider was finished or distilled. With that said once distilled I did my normal cuts, also the final product was destinated to be a brandy liqueur base so if I was to produce an apple brandy for example, I would have been more careful with the amount of heads added. Overall, in my opinion, this was successful but it needs further refinement. A better understanding of the fermentation and nutrients and more experiments to figure out a good ratio of heads to fermented mash, although the links that @bostonapothecary shared are a good resource.
  5. There was never a clear document or direction on what do with the heads distillate. From the obvious re-distillation which in my opinion doesn't produce good results, to burning and disposing of them. Skofis in his 1987 manuscript mentions the work of Dr. Guymon's use of fermentation to re-purpose heads, I summarized my findings and experiment at a recent blog post. https://blog.dropbit.io/2018/09/25/re-purposing-heads-into-usable-alcohol/
  6. iliasm

    Used Genio/iStill 50L or 100L wanted

    If nothing turns up just email Genio "ca at g-still.com", and they should be able to help you.
  7. iliasm


    Jedd - if you can legally ship to consumers (and track that) why not ship to them? Can you explain the only to wholesaler and competition comment? To the comments above, FedEx is not that bad you just need to be persistent and push via email to get frequent updates on your application status. How I kickstarted this has I created a business account with them and fired off an email to the business desk asking that I want to ship alcohol. Then a long email chain that lasted about a month and a half to get this approved.
  8. iliasm

    TTB Application Consultants - worth the money $$ ??

    Wow, 4 days must be a new record, it took four months for mine, I documented and summarised my experience on the podcast I host, episode 11. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-distillery-nation-podcast/id1040367741?mt=2&i=1000367739232 In summary, I did it myself, and I broke it down to a few days, you can save and return to the application. This gave me time to ensure I had all the right information and a clear mind on the requirements. It's not hard, you just need to be well prepared. Cheers, -ilias
  9. iliasm

    Alcohol monitor - CO2 monitor

    I use an ethyl alcohol monitor by RKI, its pretty affordable and triggered a few times when I was mixing tanks on a few hot days. http://www.rkiinstruments.com/pdf/ps2.pdf Thanks, -ilias
  10. iliasm

    hello from Greece!

    Welcome Yianni! Happy to see a whisky in Greece and best of luck! Next year I might stop by for a visit when I'm there. Cheers, -ilias
  11. iliasm

    IBC totes as fermenters

    They work wonderfully, and a lot of distilleries including myself use them. I ferment grapes in them, cleaning can become an issue but with molasses, it should fairly easy since there's no solids. Cheers, -ilias
  12. iliasm

    TTB segregation of Tasting Room

    For my approval I had to show that the distillery DSP and the tasting room are two separate entities, with two different entrances, with the ability to lock from the DSP side. Pictures and diagrams were included with my application to the TTB agent. Cheers, -ilias
  13. Hi Meerkat,

    I was wondering if you had any progress on the liqueur calulator and a possible release? I'm trying to make an Ouzo with 2.5% by weight sugar as per TTB rules and this would be very helpful to figure out the true proof without a lab still.



  14. iliasm

    The Distillery Nation Podcast

    Thanks for the feedback and your time in listening all of the episodes. In regards to the monotony of the questions, I knew this was going to be an issue but honestly I'm trying to find my own voice. I hope as the podcast evolves my interview skills will become better and thus the flow of the questions will change but until then I have to stick to a structured interview to avoid total boredom -ilias
  15. iliasm

    The Distillery Nation Podcast

    Thank you Kris for taking the time to listen and writing back! -ilias