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  1. Lenny

    Filtering Through Limestone

    Oof! Please, let's not spread this misnomer that mineral content and a specific ph level (both of which are easily replicated if so desired) has a substantial impact on the flavor profile of a whiskey in comparison to the WAY more impactful aspects of grain selection, fermentation, distillation technique and maturation . The majority of content on whiskeywash.com is of quality but piece is just Kentucky marketing shtick.
  2. Lenny

    Filtering Through Limestone

    Of all the spirit comps, ADI runs a pretty tight ship. Most of the comps out there are complete bullshit. We enter the ADI comp ever so often and I've seen some absolutely preposterous comments by a few judges.That being said, those wacky comments are tempered by valid constructive criticism. Before getting weird with calk, maybe pick up the 'best in class' vodka winner and side by side taste it with your own juice - be super self critical and real about what's going on between the two - adjust (or don't) your process as needed.
  3. We struggle with maintaining what we consider to be our own strong brand attributes. Pre printed bottles or screw tops wouldn't be the right fit for our product - obviously could make sense for others. This CDA machine sounds like it might be a great solution though. Thanks for pointing this one out, Sonny.
  4. Without going full blown automated system for packaging... has anyone here advanced to a packaging solution beyond the complete hands-on approach of hand placing bottles in the filler... filling... inserting bartops... rolling on labels... applying closures? Our current method of bottling is slow enough that we foresee problems as we begin to up our volumes of spirit to be packaged -but- we're not going so big that it makes sense to drop 50-100k for a full blown packaging robot. There must be a sensible solution somewhere in between... has anyone found it? Recommendations?
  5. Lenny

    Plate and Frame Filtration

    Here's a stainless filter housing that works well coupled with a polypropylene cartridge. We run two of them inline with 1 and 1/2 micron filters - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Industrial-Filter-Cartridge-Housing-stainless-steel-Hydro-Genics-Viton-seals/201912178353?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  6. Lenny

    PP body for spirit transfer pump

    Lot's of folks use polypropylene pumps. We try to use stainless wherever we can, but so long as ethanol is compatible with whatever material you are considering (https://www.coleparmer.com/Chemical-Resistance), you're good to go. Out of curiosity... which Yamada pump you're considering. I need to pick up a few smaller aod pumps.
  7. Lenny

    Labeling Machines Recommendations?

    I've got a zap labeler that I'd sell you for $300 + shipping. I paid $450 and used it for a few hours worth of bottling. it worked great for our square liberty (pirmal) bottles but the vast majority of our bottles were ovals and it didn't work great for them. We ultimately ended up switching around a few aspects of our packaging and now run a race labeler for our new cylindrical bottles. I've got a few extra aluminum guide rails that I ordered from zap to help keep the bottles perfectly straight, as well as the longer legs to accommodate larger label rolls. Give me a shout if your interested.
  8. Has anyone recently come across any deals on used double barrel racks? I've dealt with Country Connection and Rack & Maintenance source over the years, but current pricing is $60-70 for used or refurbished racks. In the past i've picked them up for around $30 each. Anyone have a lead?
  9. Lenny

    Hello from Denver

    Feel free to send a resume over to info@deerhammer.com
  10. Lenny

    After 5 years and Broke

    Would never try to speak to the circumstance mentioned above, but with regards to what went wrong on the TTB side... I'm going to assume that you've never spoken to a distillery that's been audited by the TTB? If records are not impeccably kept to the exact level of compliance that is expected from the TTB, you could absolutely expect to get hit with $ owed. We attempt to mitigate the risk of effing up something significant by running software from Distillery Solutions.
  11. Lenny

    TTB reporting software

    Everyone on here will tell you they like what they use. I'm going to say the vast majority haven't extensively used anything else - us included. We use Stillhouse from Distillery solutions and thing it's awesome. Never used any of the others.
  12. I'd enjoy any input that you have regarding sprinkler systems. I am starting in 1600square with no sprinklers.... yet. Do you still have the document for your local fire marshal regarding alcohol storage? I would like to take as many suggestions as possible to our local.




  13. Lenny

    Flavor difference? - Malted barley vs unmalted barley

    We messed around with unmalted barley early on, but can't really speak to anything notable in the flavor profile (too many other experiments in conjunction). I would definitely recommend looking into buying your malt in bulk (we use bsg) and then weighing out the value in using local grown/malted barley verses a .45/lb or more savings. We use locally grown corn, rye and wheat for our other whiskies, but for malt... BSG makes the most sense for our program.
  14. Lenny

    slot floor drains

    We run our 1.5" and 2" hoses directly into our trench drain (with the grate removed) when we're emptying liquid stillage or whatever else -- that slot drain would not allow for that. It looks cool though.
  15. Lenny

    Can we ship bottles to customers?

    I'm fairly certain that shipping direct to customers varies state to state, and the majority of states do not allow it. I know with certainty that it is NOT permissible in Colorado to ship bottles out of state. There are still a few Colorado distilleries that are doing it anyway.