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  1. Chiller sizing

    As Thatch noted, that is in C not F. We heat our mash and let it set for two days prior to fermentation to settle out undesirables. If our production schedule gets messed up for one reason or another we will still heat it but might need to cool it for fermentation the next day.
  2. Chiller sizing

    Looking at a new chiller to replace an old one we bought used. Current setup: Still 1 - 175 gallon hybrid used for finishing runs Still 2 - 400 gallon double thumper used for stripping runs and finishing runs Still 3 - 250 gallon pot used for stripping runs only Fermentation - about 3500 gallons spread across four tanks - sometimes we need to crash cool from 85c down to 33c overnight All stills run at least 5 days a week all day long We have piping installed and working with the current chiller. Have 3 phase available. 1.2 million btu boiler Need room to grow, so I don't want to size exactly for current capacity. Suggestions?
  3. New tax reform

    It was only done for two years so that it's revenue impact would be smaller. Had to stay under the 1.5 trillion number to keep it to a simple majority vote. The goal is to come back and make it permanent before the two years are up. No guarantees that will happen though.
  4. New tax reform

    We spent five figures for a lobbyist on this one. This is huge.
  5. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Yes. Slobber boxes aren't really used much in commercial distillation. If you're running a still in the back woods with a bunch of burning logs for heat you might want a slobber box. It's easier to control the heat source on a modern still and hence control the potential for foam, etc, flowing over.
  7. Here is a video of one of the thumpers heating up. Make sure your volume is on. IMG_8586.MOV
  8. I've always thought they were the same thing... We run a double thumper. Heat source is in the pot. 1st thumper is filled with 50% tails and 50% water. Second thumper is filled with 25% heads and 75% water. Approximately. The pipe into the 1st thumper is submerged and the vapor from the pot heats the liquid to boiling. The exit pipe is above the liquid line and feeds the next thumper the same way. The thumping sound occurs during heat up of the liquid in the thumpers. The hot air bubbles from the pot hit the colder liquid in the thumper and collapse due to the change in temperature. That causes the thumping sound. They are also referred to as retorts. I believe a double is the same but I may be wrong on that. A slobber box is a thumper with the input pipe above any liquid line. It simply catches overflow.
  9. Corson Distilling

    That is a very generous interpretation based on my experience and those of other distilleries I have spoken with. Lies about how long the still would take to complete were the tip of the iceberg for most cases that I have looked into.
  10. My experience with Corson Distilling

    The pressure relief valve on the main pot of our Corson was installed too low. Our molasses foamed up and gummed up the valve. We had to pull it apart and thourougly clean it to be certain it would work if needed. We also reworked the location so that a molasses foam up won't compromise the integrity of the relief valve.
  11. My experience with Corson Distilling

    Thanks for the post Adam. I could write a book about everything that went wrong in our dealings with those piss ants. Glad to see it out in the open.
  12. The guy who used to run Florida Caribbean distillery (large producer - used to make Cruzan, etc) told me that they ran experiments on this. They found an acceptable angel's share until they tried to stack four levels high. At that level of stacking they believed that the weight of the barrels put stress on the staves of the lower barrels and caused more evaporation than they were willing to accept.
  13. Barrel Mill barrel quality

    I haven't bought from them for several years since we primarily use used whiskey barrels for our rum now. The barrels that I purchased from them several years ago were very high quality though. Good people also.
  14. Cleaning Bubble Plates - no CIP

    Are they copper? If so, you are going to want to clean them even if it's the same spirit being run through. Rejuvenated copper makes for a better spirit. We have CIP on all of our stills. We use a commercial cleaner (PBW) and a citric acid wash. With a rinse in-between of course. You could do something similar by hand. You don't need to do it after every run, but you don't want too much buildup or the copper will lose effectiveness.
  15. Determining mg of solids

    Here is a TTB video that shows how to figure the weight of solids in 100ml. https://www.ttb.gov/media/2014-09-19-proofing-sec4-mds_CCSub.mp4