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  1. My 19 year old son has been distilling professionally since he graduated high school a year ago. He and my three other even younger sons have all been hanging around and helping at the distillery since I started over a decade ago. So yeah, there are some young guys professionally distilling.
  2. I just bought out a minority shareholder. I only have 30 days to report the change to the TTB. Even after looking around I am not 100% certain what form(s) is/are required. There are no new owners. Just a change in ownership percentages. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. Rum


    The standard FedEx alcohol shipping contract does not allow for shipments to consumers. At least it didn't when I first signed it several years ago.
  4. Rum

    Poll: Do you clarify your molasses

    We do the same. We start with the highest grade molasses we can get. We still get a lot of crap settled out. Besides the impact on the fermentation, it helps to keep the still from gunking up. Only difference in our method is that we usually drain the ash/undesirable stuff from the bottom instead of racking.
  5. Rum

    revenue from tasting room

    Yes. Unfortunately it spends most of it's time as a stripping still to keep up with current products right now. We get to run for barrels on a limited basis.
  6. Rum

    revenue from tasting room

    Wow. I just noticed the dates on this thread. It was brought back to life by an off-topic post. Hopefully the info is still of help to someone!
  7. Rum

    revenue from tasting room

    We are in a town that gets a lot of tourist traffic and has many part-time residents. It has a full time population of 60,000 or so (not counting other close by metro areas). We somehow manage to get somewhere in the range of 15 - 20k visitors per year through the tasting room. Many are repeats who bring in out of town guests. Many are from out of town but have found us online when looking for what to do in the area. Many come out and line up for special releases. It has taken several years to get the traffic to this point. Average sale (excluding special edition release days) is about $60. Our best selling rums are priced relatively low at $25 per bottle. Special editions don't go over $50. Develop a good tour with plenty of education and humor. Encourage online reviews. Get as much local press as possible. Don't hire just anyone for the tasting room. You need to spend time in there because people want to meet you, the distiller, and hear about making the rum first hand. You should be giving as many of the tours as possible at least while you get the traffic built up. All of those things have been a big part of how we get people out to our tasting room in a scary old industrial park far from the tourist areas. During the busy half of the year our tours are often booked solid. We allow 60 registrations max per tour but often end up with more showing up during the busiest times of the year. Our tours are free. Tastings are free. Most who visit will buy. You might want to showcase some samples of mixed drinks if your laws allow so people know what to do with it. Not everyone likes to drink alcohol straight. We always serve it straight up as well as in samples of drinks.
  8. Rum

    Chiller sizing

    As Thatch noted, that is in C not F. We heat our mash and let it set for two days prior to fermentation to settle out undesirables. If our production schedule gets messed up for one reason or another we will still heat it but might need to cool it for fermentation the next day.
  9. Rum

    Chiller sizing

    Looking at a new chiller to replace an old one we bought used. Current setup: Still 1 - 175 gallon hybrid used for finishing runs Still 2 - 400 gallon double thumper used for stripping runs and finishing runs Still 3 - 250 gallon pot used for stripping runs only Fermentation - about 3500 gallons spread across four tanks - sometimes we need to crash cool from 85c down to 33c overnight All stills run at least 5 days a week all day long We have piping installed and working with the current chiller. Have 3 phase available. 1.2 million btu boiler Need room to grow, so I don't want to size exactly for current capacity. Suggestions?
  10. Rum

    New tax reform

    It was only done for two years so that it's revenue impact would be smaller. Had to stay under the 1.5 trillion number to keep it to a simple majority vote. The goal is to come back and make it permanent before the two years are up. No guarantees that will happen though.
  11. Rum

    New tax reform

    We spent five figures for a lobbyist on this one. This is huge.
  12. Thanks for the clarification.
  13. Yes. Slobber boxes aren't really used much in commercial distillation. If you're running a still in the back woods with a bunch of burning logs for heat you might want a slobber box. It's easier to control the heat source on a modern still and hence control the potential for foam, etc, flowing over.
  14. Here is a video of one of the thumpers heating up. Make sure your volume is on. IMG_8586.MOV