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  1. Rum

    State Excise Tax

    In Florida it is by wine gallons. The tax is broken into a few tiers depending on the strength of the product. It is paid at the distributor level.
  2. Rum

    Eye Wash Stations

    It's an old post, but for future reference you can also get a faucet mounted eye wash station to add to an existing sink. This is the one we use: https://www.uline.com/BL_880/Faucet-Mount-Eyewash-Station
  3. Rum

    Feeling very pleased with my efforts

    Congrats Pete! Well deserved!
  4. Rum

    Formula approval for Spiced Rum Required?

    Sugar will lower the proof. You need to add anything you are going to add before you do the final proofing. Make sure you fully understand how to proof a spirit that has added ingredients. It's not as simple as using a hydrometer.
  5. Rum

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    The problem is not simply the equipment that they were building. It's the guys behind the company. Their attitude towards business and customers is their true downfall IMHO. Fixing the equipment issues doesn't fix the people issues.
  6. Rum

    Formula approval for Spiced Rum Required?

    Many spiced rums are formula approved as distilled spirits specialty.
  7. I notice that you have a target mass set to one value. Do you adjust that during the bottling run? We take the density before each test of the fill and the spreadsheet calculates the target mass for that read. I've never figured out how much a change in proof during the bottling run will impact the target weight. Not even sure it's worthwhile but we get the density when we take the proof anyway. So I just added it into the spreadsheet as well.
  8. Thanks Michael. This was designed by Alex whom you have spoken to on occasion.
  9. Rum

    Bottling line help

    New thread started with pics.
  10. As requested I have attached pics of the mod we made to our Mori filler so that we can fine tune the fill height better than the standard setup allows. This filler works great for us now that we have it dialed in and have staff that know how to use it properly.
  11. Rum

    Bottling line help

    Since you are ready to move on from the Mori I probably shouldn't even post this! But I will anyway in case it helps someone else having issues with a Mori. We had issues with short bottles that we were filling for someone else. Ended up solving it by building a wood platform that sat on the metal Mori platform. The key to getting consistent bottle level fills with the Mori is to make certain that the bottle pushes the sleeve above the oval opening. That was the only way we could get the bottle high enough to push the sleeve up far enough. We also modified our Mori by adding infinite adjustability on the platform by welding in screws that raise and lower the level of the bottle platform. We can now fine tune the fill height to a very accurate level. I will be happy to post pics if anyone is interested. We fill 3 - 4 thousand bottles per week all year around on our little Mori.
  12. Rum

    Sourcing Molasses

    Piece of cake actually. We order by the truck but pump it into totes when it arrives. We have cardboard with a hole cut in the center that sits on top of each tote to make cleanup easy. The hose from the truck is moved from tote to tote. We fill 16 - 17 totes on average from one truck but that can vary. As long as you have a forklift and the a vehicle to carry totes of molasses it really won't be that difficult.
  13. Rum

    T Top (Bartop) issue

    Are they experiencing any temperature changes? Cold liquor when bottling then placed in a warm warehouse or something along those lines?
  14. Rum

    BIB Bag In Box Supplier

    Ahhh, now I understand. Cool idea.