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    Pink vodka/Gin

    Our Maui Pink Gin is really pink color using Hibiscus flowers
  2. Like the snow shovel comment. There is a lot of heavy snow In Europe right now. Lucky to be in Hawaii.
  3. RHS-Royal Hawaii Spirits Distillery in Honolulu Hawaii Looking for Distillery Worker. Some brewing, distilling, warehouse , distribution or sales background experience preferred . Room to grow. Contact Karel : RhsDistillery@yahoo.com aloha
  4. Aloha and Wishing You Happy and Successful New Year https://www.facebook.com/search/str/rhs+distillery/keywords_search?epa=SEARCH_BOX
  5. good app but could not sign up our RHS Distillery Aloha
  6. if still available, will make the purchase Aloha 808-741-6641 cell
  7. Hello I'm interested in your spirits in barrels if still available Will consider any barrel or drums less than 33" wide Please advise rhsdistillery@yahoo.com Aloha,Karel
  8. Still Available? If yes please email to Karel: bestrealdeal@hotmail.com Aloha
  9. Aloha. You can built distillery in Agriculture zoning in Oahu Island.
  10. Will be the bottle available in clear glass ?
  11. check http://vinolok.cz/product
  12. Hello. How wide and tall is the boiler? Thank you bestrealdeal@hotmail.com
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