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    Septic concerns

    Sorry for the delay....have been traveling like a madman! I wanted to say thanks for all of the responses regarding this issue. Making progress with TTB, state, and local on all fronts. Thanks again and Cheers!
  2. OMM

    State Excise Taxes

    I have attached a copy of "sin" taxes by state. It's from 2009, but most of the numbers haven't changed. Hope this helps. Good morning everyone, We are still fighting the good fight here in Georgia to allow tastings and make the state a friendlier environment for our industry, and may be you guys can help us out. The one thing lawmakers understand, and what moves them to work is TAX REVENUES, and the smell of future revenues. Can anyone out there supply us with ball park information on what distilleries pay, on average, in excise taxes to state government, or an idea of what your state receives collectively from excise tax revenues thanks to distilleries located in state? Any information will help make our fight easier. Bill M Georgia Distilling bill.mauldin@georgiadistilling.com sin taxes by state.pdf
  3. OMM

    Septic concerns

    In the process of building out a distillery in a rural location. Existing building has a septic system in place for grey/black water (way too small for this application --- so new system needs to be designed). Before the distillery project, the building was used as a spring water bottler, so not a lot of issues with waste products. Obviously, I can have local farmers pick up the spent grains/yeast waste, but need ideas or requirements for the wastewater coming for the distillation process (residual alcohol, etc...) and the cleaning process (caustic, acid, etc...). I am a professional brewer, so I know the importance of treating waste products, but I have always been involved in "city" projects. Any help is greatly appreciated. Of course, the TTB, state, and local gov't wants to know this as well. Thanks and Cheers!