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  1. brokenstraw

    Pennsylvania Guild Forming Now

    Well hot diggity!
  2. John: I also agree that these rigs look awesome. I sent you an email. Looking forward to more discussions. Thanks. Brad
  3. brokenstraw

    Inventory management system?

    This is the same setup I plan on using as well.
  4. I agree! That property is something else. Wish it were close to me. Best of luck finding the right operator.
  5. brokenstraw

    Greetings from Montana

  6. brokenstraw

    Process water filtration

    ebstauffer, Wouldn't an RO system filter out the chloromine or chlorine as its contains activated carbon? Do you add the potassium to each mash prior to the addition of your grains? Do you do anything for particulates in your water? I will be using muni water from a rather large suburban area and these questions have been haunting me for some time. Thank you in advance.
  7. brokenstraw

    UV Water Filtration

    I see a lot of DSPs utilizing this technology. What filter you using? I see cost anywhere from $2000 to $15000 for what appears to be comparable filtration units. Thanks in advance.
  8. brokenstraw

    conveyor for milled grain

    Another place to look is www.afsproducts.com. They seem to have really reasonable prices and it was suggested on another post in the forums.
  9. brokenstraw

    Grain Quantities

    I'll echo Bluestone's sentiment. Batch size and type of equipment are going to dictate what your needs are and your yields. Recipes are scalable and often done by percentages. There are several posts that can be found by searching these forums so I won't rehash it all (heck most have a better understanding and explanation of the topic than I do). The best advice I have received so far is to read everything I can get my hands regarding this business. This includes authorities like Fermented Beverage Production which after being told and reading a portion of it, should be impressed upon newcomers to the commercial distilling industry as required reading. I am waiting for my complete copy and plan to study study study to improve upon my numbers. Best of luck to you.
  10. brokenstraw

    Hello from the Firewater Network

    At this point. I've listened to all but the latest podcast and I must say that as a newbie, these are a must listen. It certainly gives you a variety of information and shows the uniqueness behind each craft distillery and their products. Hats off to guys/gals at Firewater Network.
  11. brokenstraw

    Hello from the Garden State

    Welcome. I'm in King of Prussia, PA. There are lots of operations across the border here that you may want to visit. Also, there is a distillery in Camden (Cooper River) that is offering an aspiring distiller course going over TTB issues paperwork etc. Maybe you should check that out. I've spoke to a couple of guys over there and they seem very nice.
  12. brokenstraw


    This poster has posted nothing but gibberish and spam. I'm not if this poster ever was legitimate as I don't recognize the poster name. Admins probably want to look into this one. Thanks.
  13. brokenstraw

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    I'm going to assume this poor member got hacked.
  14. brokenstraw

    Terms for buy-out and contract renewal

    Relatively new to the forums and to this business. However, I am a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I would never allow one of my many business clients to sign an agreement like that. And I certainly wouldn't do it either. Just my $0.02. Good luck!