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  1. For Sale: Brand New 135 Gal Müller Pot Still (specs below) Free delivery to New Orleans in April 2020 Trade Show Price: $115,000 plus applicable US tax. 135 gal Müller Pot Still with beautiful aRoMat column plus 3 additional plates and large, powerful Dephlegmator. - Energy source: steam - Water jacket in 4 mm stainless steel, safety tested CE marked pressure release valve - Hammered and polished copper pot - Filling capacity 500 litres - Hammered and polished copper chest with large 360mmØ opening and solid bronze closure - Overall height of the unit :maximum 14'-6" exact height to be determined by Mueller - mash intake valve - Large mash discharge outlet with 4" ball valve - Stainless steel pipe condenser c/w thermostat, alcohol vapor pipe and alcohol reception chamber - CIP hot water (95°C) cleaning system c/w spray-balls Important Note: electric power: 120/240V or 120/208 3-phase 60 Hz Finest German Engineering and workmanship. Detailed information & installation and training available upon request. For more information please contact: Christy Howery christy@distilling.com 510-886-7418
  2. Have an ad that I submitted on Jul 12 and still has not been approved.   Is there something else I need to do?  Thx

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