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  1. Mike, can you recommend a pump to fill the Mori 6 bottle gravity filler?  I'm assuming there are pumps to fill the reservoir by pulling from a collection tank

  2. Thanks everyone! The tour company is actually an affiliated company. Most of the tour revenue will go directly to the distillery. i like the idea of upselling packages that include swag. re: advertising and distribution; great point bluestar. I didn't mean to suggest we wouldn't distribute. more like we're hoping the tours and in house sales lead to distribution. Also, we have a great local grocery chain that will put all local products in all of their stores. I'm going to reach out to some of the other distillers and see if we can't also start working on changing the law and allow us to ship to customers but that will likely be a tough battle. Reminds me of a thought, can anyone recommend an online retailer? Probably a better question for our distributer once we get a deal, but I'm interested. I get like 5 emails a day from various internet retailers; just wondering if anyone has had any good or bad experiences. I will definitely be hitting up the classic car clubs now; thanks for tip Blackheart.
  3. We are a start up distillery that is partnered with a local tour company that pushes a very large number of people through various tours each year. We are therefore implementing what I call the tour-centric model. In other words, we are not [at least initially] attempting to crack the distribution nut. We plan to drive consumers to our location. Moreover, our tour isn't just of our distillery but rather a broader approach including history, education of spirits and a lot about our city. I say all of this to ask a simple question, namely once you get people in the door, how often do they buy product and how much product do they buy? Also, how much merchandise do they buy? Also, anyone operating this model who would be willing to discuss the model please message me.
  4. Does anyone have any research or data to help guesstimate distributions sales. We are starting a distillery that has a strong relationship wth what-I'll-call sister companies that can funnel more people than we can handle through the front door for tours and direct sales [which we luckily can do]. I have heard almost constant figures from a broad range of experts/owners/those-in-the know about what to expect of sales from my guests. However, I don't have the first inkling of an idea as to how much I can expect to distribute assuming both our distributor and our entire team is hitting the pavement on a 25hour 8 day a week basis. Any thoughts?
  5. I just tried emailing you but it got back sent back...Is the whiskey aged at all? If so, how many months/years? Thanks!
  6. Please email photos & price to eileen@gb-lawfirm.com. Thank you!!!!
  7. I'm curious about your opinion on other ways to make vodka way better. Are you referring to better filtering methods? if so, do you mind sharing your opinions?
  8. Hi Mr. Bagnulo, We are opening a distillery in Louisiana. I'd love to discuss consultant services with you. Please pm me if you're interested.
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