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  1. tim@claremontdistillery.co

    Grain Mill for sale

    Where is this located? Why are you selling?
  2. tim@claremontdistillery.co

    375 ML Glass Flask for Sale - No Caps

    We have 30 cases (24 Btl./Case) 375ml glass flask for sale at $19.20/case. Specifics are as follows. Size 375ml (12.5 fl oz) Brim Fill (water) 395ml (13.2 fl oz) Neck Fill (water) 375ml (12.5 fl oz) Material, color, shape Glass, Flint, Oval Weight 305 grams Dimensions 8" H x 3-3/4 x 1-3/4" W Cap Size 28mm Purchaser pays shipping. Contact: tim@claremontdistillery.com for more information
  3. tim@claremontdistillery.co

    Sales Manager NJ Distillery

    We are looking for experienced liquor sales representative for fast growing distillery. Contact tim@claremontdistillery.com for more information.