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  1. RBDistiller

    Best way to neutralize a barrel

    You could fill them with hot water and caustic and let it soak like that overnight, then drain, citric rinse like @portoman said and then we follow with ozone rinse.
  2. RBDistiller

    work boots that hold up

    I am going on 4 years on the same pair of Red Wing heritage boots and they have held up very well. Although, it is about time to have them resoled, I dont ever see them completely wearing out from the work done or the chemicals that come in contact working in the cellar every day. I try to clean and oil them 2-3 times a hear to make sure they dont dry out. They were pricey up front but Im hoping it to get 10+ more years out of them.
  3. RBDistiller

    Bulk Cabernet Franc Port Style wine for sale

    It was Grape brandy that was added.
  4. RBDistiller

    Good Brandy From Bad Wine?

    Completely agree.. My comment was referring to the distilling of wine that was intended to be wine that went bad at some point. Over the years I have expieremented with many different grapes with the intention of making brandy from them. A lot of the process is different than if we would be making wine from them, including when we would pick them based on sugar/acid levels.
  5. RBDistiller

    Good Brandy From Bad Wine?

    From my experience with the many different wines I have distilled is that what ever flavor they have from being "bad" wines gets intensified by the distillation process. Also, unless you are taking measures to try to bind up some of the free sulfur before distilling, the distillate has an unbearable sulfur smell.
  6. RBDistiller

    Bulk Cabernet Franc Port Style wine for sale

    Updated what is available, some product has sold. I have samples ready to send.
  7. RBDistiller

    Bulk Cabernet Franc Port Style wine for sale

    Sounds good, send me an email, Robbie.Scudder@moerschhg.com when you want to get together.
  8. RBDistiller

    Bulk Cabernet Franc Port Style wine for sale

    We made it the way Port is made by adding spirits to the fermenting wine which then stopped the fermentation while there was still residual sugar. It is about 10% residual sugar and about 18.5% alcohol.
  9. We are selling excess Cab Franc port style wine, all wine is currently still in barrels. Listed below are the vintages and the amounts that we have for sale. 2005= 300 gallons (SOLD) 2006= 300 gallons 2007= 480 gallons 2008= 420 gallons 2010= 480 gallons (SOLD) 2011= 300 gallons $12/gallon, will sell in barrels or tote, buyer pays for shipping. Product is located in SW Michigan. If you have any questions or would like samples please email me at Robbie.Scudder@moerschhg.com
  10. That's pretty cool, I know someone who uses heads in their drag car.
  11. RBDistiller

    New life for used botanicals?

    We have used them in a cider and our chef made gin pickles using the botanical.
  12. RBDistiller

    Canned Cocktails?

    I threw out the idea to the higher ups when I saw that they were doing it. I heard about the Devos purchase a while back, our table was next to Coppercraft's table at the Michigan Craft Distillers festival last fall, their rep that was there seemed pretty excited with that kind of money backing them.
  13. RBDistiller

    Canned Cocktails?

    I just saw today that Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, Michigan is releasing a canned Gin & Tonic soon.
  14. RBDistiller

    Reporting Low Wines

    What S101 says is correct, the only time you need to record low wines is quarter end. I do not remember off the top of my head where it is stated in the CFR but a product can stay in production as long as reasonably necessary to finish the product and I interpret that as the entire time during the double distillation process.
  15. ohhh I want!! I will have to keep dreaming...