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  1. Hello, We have some tanks made for our customers, but for some reason they just gave up, and would like to sell at 30% discounts, here are the list (the prices already include the discounts) (1) 1000L single layer storage tank: $1750 (1) 3000L single layer storage tank (horizontal type): $2390 (4) 700L single layer open type storage tank: $1045 (1) 7BBL single layer mixing tank: $3535 (1) 40BBL jacketed & insulated mixing tank: $10295 (1) 500L jacketed & insulated mixing tank: $2905 (4) 350 gallons jacketed & insulated fermenters with 75 degree conical: $2855 All are made of stainless steel 304. If you are interested, pls feel free to contact me by email daey009@dayuwz.com Sophie Wu if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  2. Hi Mike, We can supply the equipment you need, if you do not mind, pls send email to daey009@dayuwz.com. Thanks Sophie
  3. Hello Guys. Have a 5000L still in stock, copper dome, with 6 plates copper column and copper dephlegmator, made in 2017. The customer who ordered it did not need it anymore for some reason, and now just sell it at US$59,000.00 to make up for some loss. If you are interested, pls feel free to contact me. Sophie Wu Email: daey009@dayuwz.com. Thanks
  4. Hi Chuck Nice day.This is Catherine from DYE which is a professional manufactuer of alcohol distiller and beer brewing system in China. We can build new distiller and fermenter for you basked on your current budget. If need more information,please do not hesite to send message to daey008@dayuwz.com. Best regards Catherine
  5. Hello, We DYE company can make it for you. Please email info@dayuwz.com for pictures, drawing also quotes. Have a good day. Amy from DYE
  6. DYE


    Hi Weston Do not worry. By the SS blending tank,we can help you since we are professional manufacturer of tanks in China. And our tanks can be customized at cheaper price. Please feel free to send message to daey008 at dayuwz.com and I will send more information there. Best regards Catherine from DYE in China
  7. Hi By 500L,do you refer to distiller? For 500L distiller,electric or steam are OK based on heating speed from customer's feedback so you can decide the way based on actual needs.Generally steam heating is more energy-saving way. If need more help on alcohol distiller and beer brewing system,please do not hesitate to send message to daey008 at dayuwz.com. Best regards Catherine from DYE
  8. Hi Our DYE can offer mash tun as your requirement.If need further information,please do not hesitate to send message to daey008@dayuwz.com . Bese regards
  9. Dear, 100gal still, means Pot still or say reflux still? direct to connect spirit storage tank also is no problem, we DYE distiller can recommend and design for your idea, could we talk by email: dye203@dayuwz.com. i can guid you with suitable option, thank you. Tiffany Phone/what's app: +86 18966255852
  10. Copper 200Gal distiller pot, lyne arm type, 4 copper column plates for Whisky, 16-20 column plates for Vodka, multifunction style, direct 3 storage tanks, design for your actual needs. FOB Ningbo price USD$50000~USD$58000. If you want more details,welcome to contact me at any time Email: dye203@dayuwz.com Daeyoo Tech. Co.,Ltd. Wenzhou (Brewing and Distilling manufacturer) Website:http://www.dayuwz.com/ Call: +86 18966255852 Email: dye203@dayuwz.com Skype: tiffanyxie1995 Wechat/What's app(most popular chatting software in China): +86 18966255852
  11. We sold on the show, an Australian guy bought it ,lol---
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