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  1. For those out west: Is anyone harvesting their own Juniper berries? There seems to be subtle differences between j.communis (traditional) and j.occidentalis (western) and I've heard of a few places experimenting with our western varietal. However, I'm not sure if there has been a significant change in the final product. This also seems to leave a lot of room for the craft movement to identify a new category in addition to "New American" and "New Western." Thoughts? Experience? Cheers!
  2. IdahoJoe

    bulk spice supplier

    It appears that many of the suppliers are showing "out of stock" for a lot of the base gin ingredients. However, there appears to be a number of suppliers available on amazon.com and ebay... It might be a little more costly, but I'd be curious to know if anyone has used these sources. What are other people paying for their bulk ingredients? Right now, the lowest advertised price I'm seeing is ~$9/lb for Juniper berries when bought in 25lb bags (SpiceJungle). Anybody out there getting deals?
  3. IdahoJoe

    NGS suppliers

    I have not personally sourced from any of these suppliers, but a quick google search reveals a lot of information out there. Start calling and price checking on bulk NGS. Depending on your needed volume and desired final product, there may be a lot of variability. Cheers! MGP (Achison, KS): http://www.mgpingredients.com/product-list/Grain-Neutral-Spirits.html GPC (Muscatine, IA / Washington, IN): http://www.grainprocessing.com/corporate-info/facilities-services.html Alchemical (Ashland, OR: http://organicalcohol.com/store/index.php/products/ Archer Daniels Midland (ADM - Peoria, IL): http://www.adm.com/en-US/products/food/alcohol/Pages/default.aspx CVEC (Benson, MN): http://www.cvec.com/190-proof
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