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  1. Lassiter Distilling Co

    Spirits Case Labels

    We use Hoochware and it prints our labels for us, which include the information you wrote about, @dhdunbar. I like to stick with what the rules say we need to include, but I've always been curious about how the cases from the large manufacturers never seem to have all of the information required by the CFRs. Could they possibly be packaging in larger bulk and the label they place on that larger unit somehow be missing from the smaller cases? For instance, I all the examples the OP offered, I see only deep Eddy included the Liters explicitly (most included some variation of 6x750ml). We include proof gallons on ours and I'm surprised that's not what is included on more cases. I also noticed most examples did not include a date filled like we do on ours. Any guesses?
  2. Lassiter Distilling Co

    BOTTLES 750ml & 1 Liter $0.15/bottle

    Hey there. We'd love to pick up a pallet of the 750 ml. I'll send you a pm to, or please me at gentry@lassiterdistilling.com.
  3. Lassiter Distilling Co

    750 ml bottles and caps clearance

    Good deal here. ROPP caps or could these be hand applied?
  4. Lassiter Distilling Co

    libdib anyone?

    @bluestar that's what we were thinking this platform would be good for. I assume you still have to get the out of state support/seller licenses from NY and CA to be compliant with those states' rules too. Has that been your experience?
  5. Lassiter Distilling Co

    FET 2018 Tax Reduction

    Good thought on the software. For anyone who's in the process of checking, weuse Hoochware, and I confirmed with them that their software is already updated for the change in FET rates for all tiers.
  6. Lassiter Distilling Co

    FET 2018 Tax Reduction

    Happy holidays everyone. I’m sure everyone is aware of the 80% FET reduction that will go into effect January 1. Much needed, I’m sure we will all agree Has anyone been advised whether that new rate will apply to spirits removed from bond in 2018, or that spirits produced in 2017 but removed in 2018 will be subject to the 2017 FET rate?
  7. Lassiter Distilling Co

    Corson Distilling

    Haven't worked with them or their equipment, but the following article about accusations against them dated Dec. 1: http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/business/article187541748.html
  8. if you have any questions you can reach me directly at my, or my business partners email.

    Alan: alanchristopher89@gmail.com

    mike: seminoles377@yahoo.com

  9. Lassiter Distilling Co

    Poll: Do you clarify your molasses

    We use blackstrap - do not clarify.
  10. Lassiter Distilling Co

    Rhum Agricole

    I don’t have experience with Agricole, but our yeast is similar and your temps seem a little low. We ferment in the 90s, otherwise the yeast take forever to finish out a ferment.
  11. Lassiter Distilling Co

    Selling contract produced spirits to NY based client

    We are considering taking on a contract for a client based in New York. Clearly, we can't sell this volume of spirits to someone who doesn't have a federal wholesaler's permit, and we'll probably need some sort of out of state shipper's permit to ship to NY. What I'm not sure about and can't seem to get a clear answer from the state is whether our client needs to have a NY distributor's license, or if the wholesaler's permit is sufficient for us to sell their contracted filled bottles to them. Does anyone have experience in this area or advice you can share?
  12. Lassiter Distilling Co

    Telemarketing scam

    We got this call too. I used to get these pay to play calls all the time when I worked in pharma. It's definitely a real deal, but it's not an earned media thing. Not worth it - even when you've got a multi-million dollar budget...
  13. Lassiter Distilling Co

    "Would you like fries with that?" Moments

    We found a local mixer company to partner with and sell their products. The make great products with a similar philosophy to ours, and they've improved sales of our clear rum by 50%, since it's one stop shopping for a lot of folks. I resisted mixers for a long time, but we just had to find the right partner who makes a quality product line for it to make sense. Also, Also, Groupon helped us increase retail sales significantly. I'd recommend at least considering a deal with them if you haven't already.
  14. Lassiter Distilling Co

    South Carolina Distributors

    Hey folks - we're looking to get our first distributor signed up (we're in a control state and haven't needed one here since NC handles all distribution). I'm looking for recommendations on distributors to approach in SC. And for that matter, any you'd suggest avoiding. I know it's fight for space right now, but any leads or anecdotes about your experience will be very helpful as we approach this market. Thank you!
  15. Lassiter Distilling Co

    Interesting article on Sherry Barrels

    Anyone using (or planning to use) Sherry barrels in your maturation programs? This article provides an insightful view into what sherry barrels are and what they are not. https://www.whiskynotes.be/sherry-casks-in-the-whisky-industry.pdf?pdf=sherry-casks