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  1. Accolades for Others

    Obviously, we all love our own products. After years of planning, study and compromising in one way or another, we all absolutely have to love what we make. Our North Carolina Rum (forthcoming here in NC, for those of you around) has developed into a complex, slightly sweet, floral and full flavored white rum which I love drinking. But sometimes, after a long day of distilling, bottling, labeling, government paperwork and cleaning, I want to drink and appreciate someone else's hard work. So what does everyone admire these days? I've got a couple I'm really into these days: Balcones True Blue is a work of art. North Shore Distillery's gin is completely unique and delightful. And Great Lakes Rehorst Vodka is the only vodka i have ever been able to drink since college. Anyone else want to give some props?
  2. Lees - in or out?

    We are experimenting with a few rum styles - sugarcane blackstrap molasses and unrefined sugar, in various combinations. So far we have racked off the rum from the lees, but curious if anyone out there puts the lees in with the run.
  3. FET 2018 Tax Reduction

    Good thought on the software. For anyone who's in the process of checking, weuse Hoochware, and I confirmed with them that their software is already updated for the change in FET rates for all tiers.
  4. FET 2018 Tax Reduction

    Happy holidays everyone. I’m sure everyone is aware of the 80% FET reduction that will go into effect January 1. Much needed, I’m sure we will all agree Has anyone been advised whether that new rate will apply to spirits removed from bond in 2018, or that spirits produced in 2017 but removed in 2018 will be subject to the 2017 FET rate?
  5. Chlorine impact dramatic over chloramine

    Down here our water supply is usually treated with chloramine, which we mitigate, but our water supply changes to a chlorine based treatment from March through April. Since this happened, despite our efforts to react out the chlorine, we've been getting substandard fermentations (we typically ferment to 1.022, but we can't seem to get below 1.034 since the chlorine change) and distillation yields. Hearts phase seems to last for about half the time/volume it did prior to the switch to chlorine treatment. Is this something anyone else has run into? I'm planning to push our water supply through a charcoal filter very slowly for our next fermentation to see if that will do a better job than reacting out the chlorine with potassium metabisulfite. Any other suggestions here?
  6. Corson Distilling

    Haven't worked with them or their equipment, but the following article about accusations against them dated Dec. 1: http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/business/article187541748.html
  7. Selling contract produced spirits to NY based client

    We are considering taking on a contract for a client based in New York. Clearly, we can't sell this volume of spirits to someone who doesn't have a federal wholesaler's permit, and we'll probably need some sort of out of state shipper's permit to ship to NY. What I'm not sure about and can't seem to get a clear answer from the state is whether our client needs to have a NY distributor's license, or if the wholesaler's permit is sufficient for us to sell their contracted filled bottles to them. Does anyone have experience in this area or advice you can share?
  8. Poll: Do you clarify your molasses

    We use blackstrap - do not clarify.
  9. Rhum Agricole

    I don’t have experience with Agricole, but our yeast is similar and your temps seem a little low. We ferment in the 90s, otherwise the yeast take forever to finish out a ferment.
  10. Telemarketing scam

    We got this call too. I used to get these pay to play calls all the time when I worked in pharma. It's definitely a real deal, but it's not an earned media thing. Not worth it - even when you've got a multi-million dollar budget...
  11. "Would you like fries with that?" Moments

    We found a local mixer company to partner with and sell their products. The make great products with a similar philosophy to ours, and they've improved sales of our clear rum by 50%, since it's one stop shopping for a lot of folks. I resisted mixers for a long time, but we just had to find the right partner who makes a quality product line for it to make sense. Also, Also, Groupon helped us increase retail sales significantly. I'd recommend at least considering a deal with them if you haven't already.
  12. South Carolina Distributors

    Hey folks - we're looking to get our first distributor signed up (we're in a control state and haven't needed one here since NC handles all distribution). I'm looking for recommendations on distributors to approach in SC. And for that matter, any you'd suggest avoiding. I know it's fight for space right now, but any leads or anecdotes about your experience will be very helpful as we approach this market. Thank you!
  13. Interesting article on Sherry Barrels

    Anyone using (or planning to use) Sherry barrels in your maturation programs? This article provides an insightful view into what sherry barrels are and what they are not. https://www.whiskynotes.be/sherry-casks-in-the-whisky-industry.pdf?pdf=sherry-casks
  14. Private Label Estimate and Contract Examples

    Been a long time since I've been around here, but glad to be back. I have a client who has approached us about private label production (read: contract manufacturing) for a product. We've looked at a few pricing models to guide our estimate/quote for him, but I wanted to see if anyone else had a contract or estimate template you'd be willing to share. Just want to see what others have done and to be sure we haven't omitted anything from our cost estimates. Thanks for your help.
  15. Sweet Potato Puree Suppliers

    I have a client who's asked us to produce a spirit that includes sweet potatoes as a base for the fermentation. I have a supplier lined up recommended by our client, but they're expensive and I want to see if I can get his cost per bottle down. Does anyone know of any sweet potato puree suppliers you can recommend? I'd also take recommendations for steamed sweet potatoes, since we can easily shred them or mash them up. I appreciate any leads you can send my way.
  16. MSDS for Ethanol 85% Concentration

    Hey everyone - still working on our building issues. We've been asked to provide an MSDS for ethanol at 85% concentration. I've searched and searched, but the best I can come up with is one for E85 fuel (not relevant, obviously) and on this forum I've found one for ethanol/water at 70% ethanol concentration. Any advice where to find an MSDS for 85% concentration? Thanks for your help.
  17. Wanted to Buy: Sherry Barrels

    We're looking to source some sherry barrels for finishing. Would be great if we could find some that someone would be willing to part with (or some that we could do some exchanges/trades to acquire them). Thanks.
  18. Filter for bottling line - dealing with barrel char

    We just began bottling our first barrel aged product, and it's turned out great. We did have a fair amount of troubleshooting we had to do during bottling, primarily related to the in line filters we use to prevent particles from finding their way into bottles. We use an enolmatic filler with the in line filter attached. For our clear Rum, we use a .5 micron filter, but for the aged spirits, we use a 1 micron filter. During the bottling of our Amber rum, we got through the first ~200 bottles before our QA checks identified some char particles in a bottle. We paused and back flushed the filter and the rest of the system in an effort to clean it. Ultimately, we just switched to a second cartridge filter to finish the bottling run, but now we have two filters that are full of barrel char particles. Does anyone have advice on how to effectively clean these filter cartridges?
  19. Filter for bottling line - dealing with barrel char

    We did a post mortem and this is exactly what happened. We backflushed with very hot water and we're able to clean out the cartridges effectively. We're going to pre filter coming out of the barrel now.
  20. Daily Records

    Hey folks - we just got our DSP and are trying to build out our daily records as required by TTB. Does anyone have a suggested format (excel, etc) that you use? We'd like to use something like Whiskey Systems or another plug and play resource to take out the guesswork, but we need the capital for other things at the moment. Any templates anyone could share? We will share ours when we have them built out to help make life easier for the next wave.
  21. Ideas on barrel filling

    We've been making white rum for a while now and we have finally gotten our hands on some nice 30 gallon barrels to begin our aging program. We've got spirit ready to go in the barrels, but I need some ideas on how to get our rum into the barrels. We don't fill hundreds of barrels, so I haven't invested in a pump for this yet, but might go ahead and get one of the small explosion proof pumps from TCW. What creative ways do you fill up your barrels?

    Good looking tanks there! Over our capacity, but they sure look good.
  23. Recall plan

    Good article on this topic from the latest edition of Artisan Spirit. Here's a link: https://issuu.com/artisanspiritmag/docs/artisanspirit_issue018_web/95 Probably won't have the full detail you'll need for the insurance company, but it'll give you the broad concepts.
  24. Rum stillage

    Some of it goes into the next batches, but we are projecting a lot left over after we finish our runs. Any creative uses for rum stillage (molasses or raw cane sugar based)? Fertilizer? Feed for local farms? Trying to figure out if there's a way not to drop it down the drain.
  25. S. 236 - Reduction of FET - Call your senator!

    I received word today that S. 236, which would reduce federal excise taxes on spirits from $13.50 to $2.70 for the first 100,000 proof gallons, and a rate of $13.34 for the next 22,130,000 proof gallons, has been introduced in the US Senate. The bill has been referred to the senate finance committee. Obviously, we've been trying to get this through for a while, and we need people to call their senators and let them know how important this bill is to us. Let them know what you'd do with the money if you weren't using it to pay high and unfair excise tax rates. Maybe you'd buy new equipment. Maybe you'd hire someone or expand your building. Whatever it is, call your senators today (both of them) and let them know your thoughts. And remember: calls are more impactful than emails.