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  1. @indyspirits and @bluestar, I followed your recommendations and got some stuff that turns into 1% milk at the mere suggestion of cold water. Very nice, thank you. However my solids to spirit ratio was, um, akin to a tincture, so I think that was part of it; I just couldn't handle another defeat.
  2. My approach is usually to get out what I can and leave the flask on the hot mantle until it gets crispy.
  3. Hi Foreshot, thanks for the reply. I'm still not getting much louching even well below 45 and very cold. Indyspirits, thanks so much for the tip. I'm going to work on collecting some tails. Just so I'm understanding you correctly, are you recommending re-distilling the tails? If so, is this just to capture more of the oils?
  4. Hello, I've made a batch of absinthe that tastes great. My main issue with it though is that I can't get it to louche. The process was typical: infusion, re-distillation, dilution, coloring. Proof at distillation was ~140. I followed a traditional recipe of wormwood, aniseed, and fennel (a ton of the latter – highest solid:liquid ratio yet). Can someone guide me through techniques to get the absinthe to louche? Thanks, Gerald
  5. Does anyone know if it's possible to have three non-contiguous DSPs? If so, must they all exist within the same ten-mile radius, or can the second location serve as the center of the radius for the third? In short, I'd love to see the specific regulations around non-contiguous DSPs if anyone knows where they are. Thanks!
  6. I'm trying to proof liqueurs using Table 6 from the gauging manual, but instead of water, I'm using a sugar/water solution. Does the presence of sugar affect the dilution rate? This seems like a common enough scenario that the TTB might address it, but all I see in the gauging manual is for binary solutions of ethanol and water. If the presence of sugar in the diluent renders Table 6 useless, what strategies are people using to dilute alcohol with sugar syrup?
  7. Is there a guide to making one somewhere online? I'm not too savvy at dreaming up mechanical contraptions. $500 sounds like a nice price though.
  8. I need a way to rinse bottles that doesn't require running water. Closed-loop is preferable, 2- or 4-head. I saw a nice looking one from TCW but it's about $3000. Does anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive bottle washer that fits these requirements? Thanks!
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