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  1. Stillhouse vs. Whiskey Systems

    I have a lot of information about Stillhouse, but I know little about Whiskey Systems. I'd love to hear from someone who either (a) has used both or (b) uses Whiskey Systems and can speak to its performance with regard to inventory management, TTB reporting, accounting (esp. QuickBooks integration), and any bells or whistles like an employee time clock. Also, does anyone know the price of Whiskey Systems?
  2. Selling spirits in bulk quantities

    Thank you so much for all of your information here. I'm trying to square your claim here ^^ with this clause: 27CFR1.1.95: Distillers, rectifiers, and other permittees engaged in the sale or other disposition of distilled spirits for nonindustrial use shall not sell or otherwise dispose of distilled spirits in bulk (other than alcohol) for industrial use, unless such distilled spirits are shipped or delivered directly to the industrial user thereof. My interpretation of this is that a holder of a basic permit can sell bulk alcohol for industrial use, as long as they ship the alcohol directly to the industrial user. Do you have a different perspective on it? I'd rather not amend my DSP for industrial if possible; this clause makes it seems like maybe this is possible? Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  3. Selling spirits in bulk quantities

    Thank you for the response. I've been doing some digging into the CFR and it seems to support what you're saying. Here are a couple relevant clauses: 27CFR1.1.95: Distillers, rectifiers, and other permittees engaged in the sale or other disposition of distilled spirits for nonindustrial use shall not sell or otherwise dispose of distilled spirits in bulk (other than alcohol) for industrial use, unless such distilled spirits are shipped or delivered directly to the industrial user thereof. 27CFR1.17.142(b): If a manufacturer of nonbeverage products is owned and operated by the same business entity that owns and operates a distilled spirits plant, the manufacturer's claim for drawback may be filed for credit on Form 2635 (5620.8). After the claim is approved, the distilled spirits plant may use the claim as an adjustment decreasing the taxes due in Schedule B of TTB Form 5000.24, Excise Tax Return. Adjustments resulting from an approved drawback claim are not subject to interest. This procedure may be utilized only if the manufacturer of nonbeverage products and the distilled spirits plant have the same employer identification number.
  4. Selling spirits in bulk quantities

    I operate a beverage DSP. I'm looking to sell spirits to a manufacturer of vanilla extract. They don't have a DSP. Can I sell them drums of alcohol? If so, what are the labeling requirements? Obviously the spirits would have to be taxpaid since this wouldn't be a transfer in bond. If you're interested in knowing how the rest of the process would work, the extract producer would submit a non-beverage formula to the TTB, create the extract according to said formula, then apply for a drawback, in which case they would receive reimbursement for the excise tax (minus $1 per proof gallon). I would greatly appreciate any help. The TTB has been wholly unhelpful.
  5. I frequently wish to use ingredients that are not listed anywhere in CFR 21 (and yes, I know all the query tricks to find weirdly labeled entries). I've always assumed that not finding an ingredient in a GRAS list constitutes a dead end, but I recently noticed this on a ttb.gov page: Does anyone here have experience using this loophole? If so, how did you make the case to the TTB formulation agent that your ingredient was safe? Does anyone here have any other insight about using non-GRAS-list ingredients?
  6. I'm working on a product that I would like to be vibrant green (not absinthe, for the record, but this seems like the most appropriate place to discuss it). As has been discussed elsewhere, a stable green is hard to obtain as it normally turns brownish in a short period of time. This is not necessarily the case with blue and yellow pigments, however. What I'd like to do is use saffron and cornflowers or butterfly pea flowers as a way to get green. The problem is that neither of the blue flowers are GRAS. Does anyone know of a natural + GRAS source of blue pigment? On a separate note, which I'm also posting elsewhere as a new topic, is there a way to use non-GRAS ingredients that have a history of use? There seems to be a nebulous loophole... What's up with this?^^
  7. Artemisia pre distillation

    Thank you everyone! This has been extremely helpful.
  8. Artemisia pre distillation

    Thank you both for the help. I'm gonna sit with it a while to make sense of it, but I have one more immediate question. What happens if the TTB detects an unacceptable thujone content in my sample? Do they close the formula application or just return it for corrections? Do either of you know any strategies for reducing the guesswork in determining thujone content before sending it to the TTB, or is it entirely trial and error? Obviously the thujone content of a given specimen is variable so that seems to preclude any predictive thujone management. On the other hand I'm not aware of any ways to measure thujone content without gas chromatography. Maybe I could buy some relatively pure thujone to acquaint myself with the aroma.
  9. I'm submitting a formula to the TTB that contains Artemisia ingredients which I infuse into spirit before distillation. I'm feeling confident that the finished product will be thujone-free but I want to make sure I'm not missing something. Thujone has a boiling point of 394ºF. Since I will be heating the spirit to just above 174º during distillation, there will be no thujone in the resulting distillate. Is this correct, or is it too oversimplified to be practical?
  10. We've purchased from them in the past, but the salesperson we worked with evidently doesn't work there anymore. Emails to their inquiry account have proven fruitless. I would be much obliged if somebody could provide me contact info for a Vitro glass salesperson. Thanks!
  11. Looking for an inexpensive bottle washer

    Is there a guide to making one somewhere online? I'm not too savvy at dreaming up mechanical contraptions. $500 sounds like a nice price though.
  12. Looking for an inexpensive bottle washer

    It will!
  13. I need a way to rinse bottles that doesn't require running water. Closed-loop is preferable, 2- or 4-head. I saw a nice looking one from TCW but it's about $3000. Does anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive bottle washer that fits these requirements? Thanks!
  14. Please help me source these closures!

    Thanks! Do have contact info for him? I can't seem to locate a direct number or email. I used the Tuthilltown contact form a while ago and haven't heard anything back.
  15. Please help me source these closures!

    Love these. I'm looking to source some closures like these with 28mm caps. Does anyone know where to get these or have suggestions on where to start? Just put out a request on Kinnek. I've reached out to the manufacturer of the pictured product to no avail. Do you work for Tuthilltown Spirits or know someone who does? Please send me a message or email introduction if you do! omalley@thomasandsonsdistillery.com Thanks! Seth