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  1. From having the idea until opening the tasting room was less than 2 years. 21 months from signing a lease until opening, 16 months from signing lease until turning the still on to make alcohol.
  2. Distributors marketing contribution$$

    At the whiskey summit this weekend, someone really summed up what a distributer does: they take orders, warehouse product, and deliver product. Salesmen or brand ambassadors are the ones who really do the work to drive the sales. The best way is to have your own brand ambassador and let the distributer handle the delivery.
  3. Ventilation

    My understanding is that about 1 cfm per sq ft will keep most areas below the 1/4 or 1/2 lel, don't remember exactly which it is. With that level of ventilation the area is not classified. I know Dalkita can provide the engineering for such a system.
  4. EDV 493 - where to buy?

    Just order direct from lallemand. They are easy to deal with and have quick shipping.
  5. Ceiling height

    We only have 12' and it makes a vodka column a challenge.
  6. Ice Machine / Ice Maker?

    For us, making ice also requires a restaurant license as our local health department considers ice food. At that point it has to be commercial grade as consumer grade equipment is not allowed.
  7. Biggest surprise

    From what I have read, you can play radio or tv in a restaurant or bar that is less than 3750 sq ft or fewer than 6 speakers. https://ucomm.wsu.edu/music-copyright/#8. Now with Internet there are lots of great radio stations. We use kuvo out of Denver.
  8. Biggest surprise

    If you have a small enough tasting room you can play a radio station. I don't remember the size limit off hand, but a quick search should give you an answer. Changing occupancy does open you up for a lot of changes to your space. We had to lower a sink 1/4" to meet Ada, had to add exit lighting even though the front of the tasting room is glass, had to lower all the fire extinguishers for Ada. Oh, if the occupancy is more than 15 people you need two bathrooms. We were also requested to document the whole building as the building department didn't have any plans for the internal buildout. To do it again I would get occupancy first so you can bail if the surprises are too much $$.
  9. What equipment is REQUIRED before submitting DSP application?

    The misconception is that the ttb doesn't want to give out permits. They want distillers as we pay taxes which pays for the ttb. Unless you are a criminal, can't explain how to make alcohol while following the rules, or can't prove where you are getting your money, they will probably give you a permit. You want to have everything in place then apply since the dsp is really one of the easier steps to get open. It's far harder to get local approval than get the actual dsp.
  10. Biggest surprise

    Build out cost and the time required to get approval. We did only minor changes to our space and it took 10 months from first submission until occupancy. We also had to do a lot engineering as our building had fallen through the cracks, which cost a lot more than expected. The whole DSP and state license process was far easier than expected.
  11. Tamper evident seal

  12. Supply Chain

    We do pay pallet charges and occasionally a fuel surcharge. The fuel charges has decreased now that fuel is cheap again.
  13. Fed acquired, can we make without State permit?

    In Colorado you have to have dsp, state license and local sign off for occupancy prior to making alcohol. There are a few things you can do, like get formulas approved and labels approved once you get your Dsp. Once you get the dsp, you have to file your monthly reports even if it's all 0's.
  14. UPC/bar code requirements

    I got mine right from gs1. You can also get them from resellers as some of the older codes were a buy once. Now they are a yearly fee like almost everything.
  15. At what point is a pot still too big?

    Interesting question. It probably has to do with the amount of energy and time to warm everything up. Once the energy input is really high a continuous still makes more sense. I would guess it is between 500 and 1000 gallons.