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  1. bluefish_dist

    Best beers for making products

    Not sure who you are asking, but yes we did. Sold it as whiskey as it was all malted barley, hence the no hopps. We had the brewer make the wort and then we transferred it prior to fermentation. Fermented in house, then distilled and barrel it. The finished product had notes from the Porter, but was definitely a whiskey. It was fun to watch reactions as people tried it. The different flavors hit at different times.
  2. bluefish_dist

    Best beers for making products

    We recently did an unhopped Porter. Came out quite interesting. Sold well. Technically it was a malt whiskey.
  3. bluefish_dist


    Using CB insurance in cos.
  4. bluefish_dist

    What states let Distllerys self Distribute?

    Colorado allows self distribution as well.
  5. bluefish_dist

    Whiskey Hypothetical

    I don't think you can do it all in one batch as that would be changing types which would require a formula. You could do it with one mash bill and different runs, i.e. This one is corn whiskey, this one is bourbon. A local distiller does that. Same mash bill for two different products. If you define it up front as a type and don't change it, no formula is required.
  6. bluefish_dist

    Whiskey Hypothetical

    Corn whiskey is unique in that it is the only whiskey not required to be aged. If it is aged it has to be in uncharred barrels, so if it's corn whiskey, toasted barrels, bourbon, new charred barrel. Clear as mud?
  7. bluefish_dist

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    I would also try some Gibbs barrels if you want a little slower extraction.
  8. bluefish_dist

    GNS Cost and Availability

    Do whatever you want, but be honest with the customer. I can't stand "distillers" who do everything they can to obscure who or where the product is actually made. If you redistill GNS and sell it as vodka, say that's what you do. Say why it makes a better vodka than simply bottling GNS. If you just bottle GNS, say that's what you do, don't call it hand crafted when you buy a tanker truck at a time. Don't have a huge still that isn't hooked up and say you make awesome vodka. You don't make anything, you are simply a bottling plant. One distiller who makes a good gin said this on using GNS, do you expect a painter to stretch his own canvas to paint on? The GNS is simply the canvas to which I paint using botanicals. I think he has a valid point, but if I make a gin it will be from my own base spirit because that what I want to do
  9. bluefish_dist

    GNS Cost and Availability

    For gin I agree, use GNS if you want. we toured beefeater in London and they don't make the base spirit. They bring in GNS although they have big plate stills to clean up the spirit of needed. It also seems that in England most gin distillers have a rectifiers license and can only redistill vs a manufacturer license to make spirits. Very different than the us.
  10. bluefish_dist

    Adjusting Proof for Temperature

    Actually hoochware uses the ttb tables to do the conversion. It can be downloaded as an app for the conversion part or used within the tracking software.
  11. bluefish_dist

    Record keeping software help

    I think all the software works similarly. Enter all your actions and it does the reports. That isn't hard, it just takes discipline to keep up.
  12. bluefish_dist

    Record keeping software help

    Hoochware is the least expensive option. I have been on it for a couple of years and it does the job, plus it's getting better all the time. Really makes record keeping easy.
  13. bluefish_dist

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    Also look at different suppliers. For us we found some barrels offer quicker extraction than others. Depending on how you do cuts and how long you want to age this can be good or bad. Second use is also much slower for extraction. Gibbs brothers seem to be slower on the extraction and may be better suited than barrel mill barrels if you need more time for maturation.
  14. I am sure someone will come along with the actual spec, but I believe you have to have a physical separation between the two. So you would need some sort of wall and door to make them separate spaces. With that said I have been in facilities that have no separation.
  15. bluefish_dist

    Filtering Through Limestone

    Am I wrong that RO removes the minerals and if they are present is RO treated water they are added after RO? That's why it's useful for brewing and distilling. You can remove everything and then build the water you want.