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  1. bluefish_dist

    Barrel Head Space

    Barrel qty is included in maq calculations. For a single control area without sprinklers, the limit is 120 gallons, 240 with sprinklers. I think you can have up to 5 control areas. This means you either have to have a h area for storage or store outside and then you can be up to 1000 gallons without spill containment if using 53 gallon barrels or so my fire marshal says.
  2. bluefish_dist

    Ace Rotomold Fermenters for sale

    Tank is 42” in diameter and about 7 ft tall in the stand.
  3. bluefish_dist

    Looking for a bottle screen printer.

    I used stanpack ink. They don’t do glass, but do work with several glass suppliers making regular deliveries. Excellent customer service.
  4. bluefish_dist

    Ace Rotomold Fermenters for sale

    I will probably be around for a while. It’s been a fun ride. Learned a lot and now I could really do a business plan for a new distillery.
  5. We are closing down and have a few Ace Rotomold Cone bottom fermenters for sale. The 110 gallon and 300 gallon are complete with triclamp valves on the drains and racking arms from Glacier tanks. They also have inkbird controllers running stainless steel heating elements. 300 Gallon with stand $650 (4) 110 Gallon with stand $400 each (3) 85 gallon without stand and fittings or heat $90 each Slightly bent stand for 85 or 110 gallon tank $65 Located in Colorado Springs. Would consider delivery in colorado.
  6. bluefish_dist

    Trub from running beer

    I ran some hopped beer and it almost completely plugged my seive plates. I think it was the hopps that made a algee looking slime that coated the bottom plate. Never again.
  7. bluefish_dist

    Why 7-8 days fermenting a 5 days batch of sugar?

    Try less sugar. 18%+ is quite high. Try 12-14%. Also map the sg vs time, when the sg stops going down, it’s done fermenting.
  8. bluefish_dist

    pH levels during fermentation

    I add citric and calcium carbonate at the beginning to get more buffer, then adjust mid run with cc. I start about 5.2 and adjust if it drops below 4.0.
  9. bluefish_dist

    Differences between Distilamax RM & SR

    I would guess, yes, but I never ran ec1118. I did run some bread yeast and felt RM gave more rum notes.
  10. bluefish_dist

    Differences between Distilamax RM & SR

    I have used RM a lot and it makes nice rum. I have used it with almost 100% cane sugar and mixed with molasses, both work well. Looks like a rolling boil when it is fermenting.
  11. bluefish_dist

    Estimating yield for business planning purposes

    Yes, you are close. I would figure you yield 10% of the wash as finished product for sizing purposes. Less for whiskey due to the lower starting abv. I will also share that we run about 70% gross margin. Also about $100/gallon average sale price. Between those numbers you should be able to calculate capacity required.
  12. bluefish_dist

    How to make cuts in moonshine distillation

    Not to sound like as a$$, but you need to spend some time reading on home distiller. I understand that English is not your native language, but these are some pretty basic questions. A good start for how much you will make is compute how much alcohol you have in the wort, og vs fg. Then say you have a 10% you would have .4 gallons of alcohol 4 gallons X 10%.. For ease of calculating we will assume your still will capture it all, so take .4/10, thus .04 gallon jars or in metric terms 150ml. Personally I have never made anything I would want to drink after a single distillation on a pot still. That would necessitate a 2nd run. I really only run columns for spirit runs and there are way too many permutations to get into that here.
  13. bluefish_dist

    Formula approval for Spiced Rum Required?

    You can add a tiny amount of sugar and still proof as normal. I think the cut off is 400ppm dissolved solids.
  14. I run a recirculated cooling system with 2 300 gal totes feeding a 125 gal still. It works fine if you only want to run every 3rd day. I have considered adding a radiator on the return line to help dump heat prior to going back into the totes. So far that has not been needed to meet demand. It does not keep a constant water temp, but I run a VM style still head so it's not all that critical. If running a CM, I think a radiator and then probably a small chiller would work better. Radiator to dump the majority of the heat and the chiller to keep a constant temp in the reservoir.