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  1. Shipping

    I have recently tried to ship spirits and have really hit a brick wall. Ups says they won't ship even from dealer to dealer. FedEx says they will but after numerous calls I have not found anyone who can say how to do it. How do you ship to contests or other state liquor boards?
  2. Shipping

    I finally got some where with fedex after weeks of calling and they do not ship spirits straight to consumer. Only license to license. They will ship wine to consumers.
  3. Difficulty with COLA Label Approval

    We had a similar issue with a formula that I submitted slightly incorrectly. I eventually go ahold of a specialist, but I don't honestly remember how I did it. I know I called in and eventually got someone.
  4. Colorado Distillery Lawyer/ Attorney

    Pm sent.
  5. White Whiskey

    Corn whiskey is the only one that does not have to be aged. all others have to be aged.
  6. Activated carbon filtering Vodka for Gin production

    Sounds like a much better plan, but I would take the low wines and gin run down to 40-45%. I find I lose a few points during carbon filtering as it picks up water, so starting at 50% will drop it into the high 40's without any more additions.
  7. Activated carbon filtering Vodka for Gin production

    You can filter at higher abv. I usually filter at 100 proof to allow for dilution as I start with wet carbon and then chase with water. The theory is that alcohol starts to burn at around 100 proof, so it's common not to run over that so the liquid won't burn in the boiler. Due to the heat and evaporation, I am not sure it makes a huge difference in safety, but it can't hurt. Also some claim you get better cleaning of the distillate if you dilute it more.
  8. White Whiskey

    I have seen a few whiskeys that don't have age statements and they are under 4 years aged. That doesn't mean it's right. It just means no one has caught it. If you want it to be whiskey and be white, put something like aged 1 day and then always age it more than 24 hrs. You are covered. My whiskey and bourbon labels were approved without an age statement as they do not require one if aged over 4 years. I added one as we are selling bottles that were aged less than 4 years.
  9. White Whiskey

    Call it something else other than whiskey and submit a formula under distilled spirit specialty. Unless it's corn whisky it has to be aged to be called whiskey and if aged less than 4 years requires an age statement as you found out.
  10. Operational Protocol

    They are correct, by code you can only have 30 gallons open without sprinklers and be under the maq. You can have up to 120 gallons per control area, so effectively 90 gallons closed, 30 open. With sprinklers the maq doubles. If you exceed the maq, then you are into the H occupancys. We also did provide a description of the operation so they could understand how spirits were moved, created, and stored. If they need code call outs I would recommend Scott at Dalkita to document your process.
  11. sugar wash mentor wanted

    Pm me, I run a sugar and grain based vodka weekly. Based on what you posted previously I have a good idea why you are having issues.
  12. Cane sugar

    First off, cut the amount of sugar. Try 200 lbs. unless you are making fuel you will get a better tasting spirit with less sugar and possibly a better conversion. What is you starting and ending gravity? Ph at pitch?, ph at 24, 48 hrs?
  13. Sudden Drop in Vodka Proof/Slight Cloudiness

    If the abv drops over time, could be you need to up the reflux. Watching head temp will give you a warning that it's happening. Even .1 deg is enough that you might need more reflux. I found that on my still if reflux is more than enough it will hold abv for a long time without adjustment. If it's at the ragged edge of enough, any change in boiler abv requires a adjustment to reflux/takeoff rate. I run a VM, so it's a little different than they typical deflag setup. For me I might run say 8 turns open on the takeoff. That will hold abv all the way until tails. If I start the run at 12 turns open, then I will have to adjust every 30 min by 1/2 turn to hold 191. Pretty soon the valve will be closed down to 8 turns. The take off rate doesn't get much faster even though the valve is more open, so I prefer to run slower at the beginning to make it less stressful to run.
  14. Sudden Drop in Vodka Proof/Slight Cloudiness

    In my testing I found that low abv was one of two things, not enough reflux or not enough column height/plates. Once the still was tall enough it could run from wash or low wines and still hit the same abv. If the takeoff was too fast then abv would drop. With 18 plates you should have enough height, although another few would help. I would think reflux rate would be critical due to the plate count. If it's a little low it would be off. you might have a leak in the deflag? Even a tiny amount of water would lower the proof Might also be the reason for the clouding. I would do a pressure test and make sure it doesn't leak Do you monitor the temperature at the still head? I find this is a good indicator if something is off. Although it does change with the weather. I take an abv reading right away to make sure I am at 191, then hold that temp until it hits tails.
  15. Changing pH of wash

    I find with my water, I would only need 2 tbsp of citric to get into the 5-5.4 range. My water has very little buffering and starts about 6.2-6.4 ph.
  16. Anti-Foam

    Dose rate seems a bit high. I use the firmcap AT at 15ml to 82 gal. dose is 1-6ml per hl.
  17. T top corks

    Paulson makes a nice T top. In both 19.5 and 21.5.
  18. Impact on TTB website /possible US Government shut down

    The way I read it, tax collection is mission critical and will continue. To me that means they will keep the site running for your monthly submissions. Labels, cola, new permits won't be happening anytime soon.
  19. Craft is Not a Commodity

    the problem is, that labeling does not clearly show the consumer who made the product. So they can not make an informed decision. I have many customers who have no idea that a distillery can buy alcohol and package it. I am no against people selling GNS or sourced whisky, just don't try and convince the customer that you made it. Be truthful and say you bought it, then let the consumer decide.
  20. Small explosion at Wigle Whiskey

    Hops can easily plug up a still. I tried some and it almost completely plugged a 6" sieve plate. Never again.
  21. Label Design

    Design contest dot com. Used it for our logo and first label. Let's you get a lot of different artists for a reasonable price.
  22. Proof too high or tails smeared in, can't find the middle ground!

    My still can be configured with different plate numbers. When I run two plates, I assemble it with two. No bypasses. When I run whites I change to 3 plates. I run a vm style head, so I always have some reflux unlike a deflag.
  23. Proof too high or tails smeared in, can't find the middle ground!

    You probably can't get over 190 to legally be vodka. Those last few proof are hard to get. From a respected still builder you need 15 plates or equivalent plates to hit 191. I did testing of my own and I think that is a pretty good number 1" bypass for a 10" column is way too small. Vapor speed will be super high. Try running it slower and I bet it will work better. For comparison I run 3 plates with 6" plates which has 530 1.7 mm holes at 12000w and can be under 160 if I run reflux low enough. I usually run 2 plates to be about 140 proof.
  24. Identifying Infection

    I have seen something similar. Happens a few days after an all grain fermentation if it's not run right away. Doesn't appear on other fermentation even in the fermenter. Doesn't seem to cause issues. The way to not get it is to run right away.
  25. Cooling Water set up feedback

    I run a 120 gal still with 550 gal of cooling water. I can do a run every other day in winter, summer every 3 days. Looking at adding cooling either a radiator/fan or chiller to be able to do more runs per week. I would expect that 250 gal still would either need more reservoir volume or external cooling