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  1. Looking for an outlet to dispose of potentially expiring beer (it's help up incredibly well but I'd rather recup some losses and do some good for others). If you need wash for either distilling whiskey OR are making your GNS for hand sanitizer, please send me a note and we can discuss further.
  2. rrg1gb

    bottling system

    Not home distilling here. But thanks.
  3. rrg1gb

    bottling system

    It would be if the liquid to be bottled is anywhere from a couple of 55 gallon barrels to a 550 barrel tote. Cut to anywhere from 80-95 proof. Charcoal filtration.
  4. rrg1gb

    bottling system

    What is the list of equipment needed to bottle your own spirits if you purchase bulk? So I guess this means rectifying and bottling on site.
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