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  1. Odin on Gin

    Excellent post here, Odin. I just wanted to second this point and also add that all spirits require some "aging" time (yep, even Vodka) and for precisely the reasons you recount here. The process of distillation is one of separation and segregation (or fractioning) of molecules followed by a very rapid and abrupt reassembly. It does not end at the cut. Which is why a rest period should be built into your production model for all spirits. 5 weeks is nothing if you've planned for it and, if you're willing to really pay attention to the spirit, the change will be dramatic. Thanks for making this point.
  2. spirit scales

    If the manufacturer is willing to support the equipment, by all means get the best deal you can. To be clear, though I am not really talking about calibration (which I assume you are paying for), but warranty support and service. I have had numerous issues with a scale I bought years ago and the only salvation was that I could hold the manufacturer accountable. Caveat emptor.
  3. spirit scales

    I agree with every single part of your posts. Distillers would be well advised to take this advice to heart. Volumetric measurements are useless other than for anecdotal information. Weight is the only way to go and, as Silk City points out, three scales for various functions around the distillery are imperative. Thanks for posting. I would caution against buying consequential equipment from eBay or Amazon, especially those that the TTB considers gauging instruments. As stated above, scales need to be calibrated and, occasionally serviced. Unless it is explicitly stated by the manufacturer, it is less than likely that you will have the level of service and support necessary to maintain this equipment. Buy from the manufacturer or dealer with good warranty coverage and service.
  4. Tuthilltown's solera system?

    I was the Chief Distiller at Tuthilltown for over 7 years and can confirm that there is no Solera style system in place.