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  1. Richard, Did you have any luck on this? I am looking for some in kind of a hurry so can't do China this time. Cheerio!
  2. for posterity....figured it out, for anyone who finds this in frustration.... -hold the lower pink rubber, twist the upper pink rubber for adjustment. -counterclockwise allows for more fill....as you twist the top pink while holding the lower pink the nipple will get longer, so it dips deeper and your fill will stop earlier. -you only need to adjust shelf level if it wont push the nozzle up enough to get proper flow. Adam
  3. Hey, nice thread......like Jon at Greendoor I've got the mystery (so mysterious i don't even know if it is a mystery) but equally uselessly manualed mori-tem moderna b6 6 spout gravity filler.... the manual says that fill adjustment is done through spinning a ring nut on the spout but when i spin the thing that i think they mean, nothing happens... does anyone have any tips.....i will be pm'ing the fella from green door to see if he got sorted.... Cheerio! Adam Strathcona Spirits
  4. DId you end up going with this? I'm looking as well, looks interesting..
  5. Greetings, We are a small distillery just on the cusp of opening the doors in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are seeking an experienced individual to help creatively lead our young enterprise. Accommodations/paperwork can all be sorted on our end. Please inquire via thesmithproject@gmail.com Thanks for your interest!
  6. Hey there, Do they have caps? Mind shipping them to Canada? Thanks,
  7. Hey I've got a 150g still with still dragon style 8" plates....I'd like to stack a few more on this baby. Does anyone have some used ones, or even a complete column that they would like to sell for less than new price? If so, i'd be keen to investigate. Thanks!
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