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  1. Ceiling height

  2. Distributors marketing contribution$$

    No. In fact, the other way around, expect us to share costs associated with their sales activities: split sample costs, pay for tables at industry events, provide swag.
  3. electric parrot

    We have not used it, but one must keep in mind it is not a true "parrot", that is, a device to measure specific gravity to determine ABV. It measures ABV by measure vapor temperature and pressure somewhere in the final vapor path after leaving the head of the still. It can be fairly accurate, provided certain odd geometries and temperature profiles for the location of the device are avoided. You want the vapor measured to be in a good equilibrium with its surrounds (temperature and pressure, and good mixing, at least locally around the probe). Read the thread on the blog site for more background.
  4. Pour 'Em!

    Usually the biggest challenge is that the site requirements for a distillery are far more stringent than for a brewery. So, if you are looking at setting up at the site of the current brewery, you first need to determine that is can be made suitable for a distillery, including meeting TTB requirements and local code requirements. And it does not matter whether it is experimental or not, the requirements are the same.
  5. winery in distillery

    Nice to have more input, but unfortunately it actually confuses things some since it contradicts some of the information obtained elsewhere. I think the confusion is when the winery is an independent entity versus part of an alternating premise. The CFR specifically refers to the possibility of less than physical barriers between wine and spirits when using alternating premise. But the CFR does not speak to separation between distinct premises, and I suspect those must be isolated as you describe.
  6. winery in distillery

    We want to add a small winery to the distillery. We know that the bonded winery has to show a separation from the bonded distillery, although we know of places where that has been as little as a low fence or even tape on the floor. Anyone with recent experience along these lines? Does the winery have to have access to non-bonded space directly, or can it be through the bonded distillery?
  7. Who pays for liquor store shelf space?

    TTB just announced they are working with the ILCC in major Illinois cities to investigate "pay-to-play" schemes for spirits.
  8. 3-basin sink AND a separate utility sink (mop sink) are required. The latter can be a floor sink. It appears you have no plans to barrel age any product, at least you have no room in that layout. You aren't expecting to condition the air in that production room using a window AC in the summer, are you? If you are not going to use chilled fermenters, you need to control the room temperature well.
  9. Fruit flavoured Gin

    Look at formulas for sloe gin as a start.
  10. Of course it can't be called vermouth, because it is not wine. But you might be able to call it a fanciful name, like vermouth amaro. That will be a TTB call, whether if flavored with vermouth and an amaro, that would be an allowable terminology not considered misleading.
  11. Anyone seen this: www.good-libations.com

    No, could be snake oil, but there could be GRAS additives that might neutralize most objectionable characteristics in young whiskey, who knows? Since they don't identify anything, or list any relevant patents (I could find none on USPTO), I am not sure I would invest.
  12. spirit scales

    I just got an email offer for a similar scale from Prime, their model PS-AS4320 https://www.paypal.com/webapps/shoppingcart?mid=2698762161078454749128381505833303&flowlogging_id=e15cf64f59589#/checkout/shoppingCart It's only $300, 1000 lb capacity, and 0.2 lb resolution. Another vet scale, not NTEP, but again work great for measuring up to full barrels or even 100 gallon tanks.
  13. In urban areas, you can even be adjacent, provided there is complete security and firewall separation between the two buildings.
  14. It looks to me that this specifically is for something labeled as a flavored brandy. So that you would end up with something like "blueberry brandy flavored with 20% of grape wine"?
  15. Agave

    Yes they are. And the owners are really nice people, so I would suggest reaching out directly to them if you want to get advice. I don't know if @Tailwinds follows the forum regularly, so they may not have posted yet because they haven't seen it, are too busy, or are just shy ;-)