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  1. Just taking a stab at what the OP was driving at- My guess is that his issue is not with the 100% component. That doesn't make sense to me given the other existing standards of identity Tom pointed out. My guess is that his beef is with the 'Malted Barley' part. A whiskey made from 100% Malted Oats or 100% Malted Quinoa, which by some definitions could be referred to simply as 'malt' would be examples. This whiskey would obviously not fit the commission's criteria of American Single Malt, and perhaps this is what he is referencing as limiting innovation. It would be even more limiting to the producer of this type of whiskey if the commission attempted to block the use of 'American Single Malt(ed) Quinoa' or similar language on the label.
  2. Why wait until 185 to add the HTA? Is there an issue I am not understanding with skipping the pre malt and adding HTA at room temperature as you begin to mash in? That way as you begin to heat to 190 (whether by steam jacket or the adding of hot water discussed here) the liquefaction can begin as the corn begins to gel in the mid-170’s. Seems more efficient for heat transfer from the steam jacket as well as less strain on your agitator trying to move that thick mash until reaching 185 and adding HTA.
  3. I just did my first 100% rye mash, and determining the SG with a hydrometer is not working in the thicker mash. Before attempting to take a reading, I strained the mash through a kitchen strainer to remove the solids. I also performed an iodine test and confirmed that all starches had been converted. I can try getting a reading with a refractometer. I used SEBflo TL during mashing. My question is- do I need to adjust my mash procedure or increase the amount of enzymes, or will an all rye mash always be too thick/gummy to take a SG reading with a hydrometer?
  4. Can’t we just be helpful, or not respond at all... I recently ‘searched the forum’, and of the recommendations from posters interested in helping others, Kessler had the best pricing. Here are some of of the prices I was quoted in November.
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