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  1. JCNJDistiller

    Proofing barrel and bottle filling

    nabtastic, where did you get your inline filter from?
  2. JCNJDistiller

    Odin on Gin

    Hey Odin, will the extractor be able to be purchased separately and fit onto existing iStill models to upgrade them?
  3. JCNJDistiller

    Direct Sales to Retailers

    I am, yes The plan is to self-distribute in NJ initially, but I'm considering Park Street for the order fulfillment work I'd need in NYC (and ultimately for when we get big enough in both states that it would be difficult to manage it all by myself). Trying to determine if the actual ease of working with them is worth the cost...
  4. JCNJDistiller

    Direct Sales to Retailers

    Has anyone used or heard of Park Street? http://www.parkstreet.com/ Apparently they are able to serve as an in-between option that is sort of a hybrid of self-distribution and classic distributorship. They handle all of the delivery/warehousing logistics, paperwork, and back office detail, but the distiller is still responsible for making the sale. They charge a much lower percentage compared to a traditional distributor. Given that the liquor brands still need to foot their own marketing budget and maintain account contact because traditional distributors DGAF about the little guys, this option seems like a great alternative. Thoughts?
  5. JCNJDistiller

    Odin on Gin

    This is an awesome thread, thank you so much for all the great info!
  6. JCNJDistiller

    Who Here Washes Their Bottles Before Filling?

    Coop, how did you set yours up and about how much did it cost? We're looking for an inexpensive alternative to buying a blower/washer for a few K. Cheers
  7. JCNJDistiller

    Flood Elevation

    Good luck!! Would definitely be curious if your engineer has any creative ideas (or if the regulations have any flexibility). Will post here as well if I'm able to suss anything out with my architect and contractor as we talk to the local officials.
  8. JCNJDistiller

    Flood Elevation

    Hi all, Does anyone have experience in dealing with flood elevations for their distillery? I'm being told by local authorities that all of my equipment needs to be raised off the ground because my building is below flood levels. It's a difference of about 10 feet, which just doesn't seem feasible to build a platform that high for my still and boiler. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. JCNJDistiller

    Barrel Aged Gin formulation/cola

    How detailed does the formula have to be for barrel aged gins? Does anyone have an approved formula example that they'd be willing to share?
  10. JCNJDistiller

    FDA Inspection, anyone?

    Does anyone have a formal write-up of their quality control procedures?
  11. Hi there!

    I read one of your posts from a while back about the production procedures that you submitted as part of your application to the TTB.  I'm just about to apply for my own DSP approval and was wondering if you could share your own procedures as a guide, or any info you might be able to provide on the level of detail -- it would be really helpful.

    Thanks in advance!

    Bob Hagemann, Corgi Spirits

  12. JCNJDistiller

    Is a barcode or UPC necessary?

    I've heard the same thing. And especially if anyone is planning on selling internationally, I'm told GS1 is usually the only way to go (but I'm not sure how accurate that advice is)
  13. JCNJDistiller

    Case Art

    Sorry for the newbie question, but how are you ordering your cases? Are you getting them separately from a vendor and then tossing the cases in which the bottles are shipped to you? Any specific types of info other than barcode and the specific product that you need to include on there?
  14. JCNJDistiller

    Quality Assurance Plan

    Also curious about this. Have you gotten any responses?
  15. JCNJDistiller

    Pets in Tasting Room

    Hi all, Does anyone know regulations around guests bringing pets (specifically dogs) into tasting rooms? I'd like to make my tasting room dog-friendly, as it goes with my brand, but I'm not sure on what the health code regs are around that. We have other bars in the area in NJ that are open to dogs, so figure it's worth asking. Thanks!