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  1. This still is as turnkey as possible without ever being used. Don't wait the time for delivery from HBS. Hillbilly Flute for sale with 4-plate body, 2-plate extension, and gin basket for sale with a 100 gallon stainless steel pot and HBS 22000 heating controller. Extras: CIP ball 13 gallon stainless steel milk can boiler 4 inch triclamp lid for boiler to attach directly to the column without adapter 4 spare heating elements Explosion-proof mixer for large still pot (pneumatic) Extra clamps and gaskets for every size triclamp connections $14000 Selling due to family medical issues. located in Gainesville Fl
  2. Fermentation Chemist I am looking for a Brewing or Distilling position in North Carolina or Florida. If you have any opportunities contact me at any time and just to give you an idea of the education and experience that I have. Education: I have a B.S. in Chemistry with a focus in Fermentation Science from Appalachian State University’s Chemistry and Fermentation Science Departments. Fermentation Courses -Brewing Science -Sensory Analysis -Distillation Technologies -Facility Design and Operation Chemistry Courses Relevant to Brewing/ Distillation -Organic Chemistry I & II -Quantitative Analysis -Physical Chemistry -Analytical Chemistry Employment History: While in school I have worked for two breweries and a quality control testing lab for beer, wine, cider, and spirits where we trouble shot products from the region. In the breweries I worked from start to finish with product development, brewing, cellaring, packaging, and testing. I have also driven innovation in cider product lines that are now hitting the market. I have also developed a sensory study to test tannin additions in cider to preserve apple aroma. Prior to going back to school I have worked in Pharmacy Quality Control, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research and Development, sales, and email marketing. In each of these jobs I was tasked at problem solving from tracking raw and finished materials to developing a text marketing campaign to major repair and rebuilds of integral equipment. I have also consulted for Southern Grace Distilleries to help tighten process control, mashing, and fermentation processes. What I’m looking for: I want to produce quality products that are unique to the market. I do not want to focus on chasing fads and what other producers are making but strive to be industry leaders with always an eye on product quality. Feel free to contact me with any questions or resume requests. Josh Bush Out_at_first@yahoo.com
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