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    New York distillery regulations

    Hey all, new user, long time lurker of this forum! Startup vodka distillery in upstate NY. We have already been approved by our town board for operation, they were mainly only concerned with waste and our heating source. VERY small operation (tiny), pre-existing building. currently has OSB walls/ceilings, but everything can easily and quickly be changed. At this point we are stuck on regulations. We have spoken with local building codes enforcement, he says he will have nothing to do with our operation. We spoke with county fire inspector, he said he doesn't inspect distilleries. I spoke with NY state health department several times, they advise me because we're not serving/producing food, they won't oversee us. My question is, before we go ahead and finish building, who do we need to please? I have read the FDA is making visits to distilleries over the past couple of years, and other people on these boards seem to have an issue with fire codes, but I cant find anyone who wants to enforce these regulations on us (which is awesome), but seems too good to be true. Health/Fire codes regarding the materials and layout of out building. Thanks in advance.
  2. chesterBQZ

    Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    Applied today March 24. Specialist assigned almost immediately. Hopefully the ride is short, as the clocks are currently @ 166 days!