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  1. Honey based spirits

    Yes honey does make a dam fine spirit. Seems like a lot of the old tricks of the trade are being lost. Hopefully we can relearn them.
  2. Honey based spirits

    Thanks for that. I make a Vodka and Gin both made from honey and am now going to try to barrel age some to see how it turns out. Cheers
  3. Honey based spirits

    Hi, I just opened Salt Spring Shine and we use honey for all our spirits. Was wondering if anyone has tried barrel aging to make a bourbon/whiskey and how'd it turn out? Also any idea's on what you would call it? Cheers.
  4. 380 Liter Still with 6" Column for sale

    Hi, Very interested in your still is it still available? My phone # is 250 930 7654 and my name is Mike. Cheers