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  1. Hi, I am looking for two 2000l ss tanks V.C or closed top. Thanks. Michael Papp Salt Spring Shine Distillery
  2. Hi, Not sure if I'm calling it right, but I'm looking for a labeling machine that applies a label to the top of the closure then runs down the side... Hope that makes sense. Any information is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. Thanks, seems to do the trick. Started washing and filling yesterday no issues once washed. Vendor claims the bottles they have in warehouse don't do this? Really like the shape of the bottle already had die's and labels made for them. Just hoping the next batch doesn't have this issue.
  4. No time I'm already behind about 2 weeks trying to figure this out. Just going to wash them up and move forward.
  5. 1. Other bottles are fine when filled they are 750ml 2. I have been open for a year now, filled many 750 ml bottles no problem 3. New Supplier for 375ml bottle they are the one we are having problems with. 4. PH is 7.5 TDS is ok but I'm going to get it rechecked to make sure nothings goings on with the well. I can put the same product (65%ABV moonshine) in the 750ml bottle and don't have the problem. If the glass is clean why does P.H matter?? I am still speaking with the owner of the company they believe it's not bloom that it's some sort of reaction with our liquor? But when the bottle is filled and then emptied you can cleary see a film on the inside of the bottle?? When washed and rinced the bottles are fine?? Can't wait anylonger going to bite the bullet and waist my time washing out bottles for the next few days. Joy....
  6. I filled them with my moonshine product at 65% ABV and when emptied the film on the inside is still there?? I've Tried speaking with the supplier but they are not taking any responsibility and are just basically brushing me off.
  7. Hi just received two pallets of 375ml bottles, when we filled them we notices a foggy film on the inside of the bottles. I have read the threads about bottle bloom, I have contacted the company and they are saying the bottles they have in stock don't do that.....??? I have filled 180 bottles (setting up the filler) and when a customer came in I pulled out a bottle to show/brag about it and it was all foggy....not good. Should the bottle company replace or what? Is the residue left in the bottle food grade? Should I just bite the bullet and hand wash all the bottles? Any advice would be greatly appretiated.
  8. Yes honey does make a dam fine spirit. Seems like a lot of the old tricks of the trade are being lost. Hopefully we can relearn them.
  9. Thanks for that. I make a Vodka and Gin both made from honey and am now going to try to barrel age some to see how it turns out. Cheers
  10. Hi, I just opened Salt Spring Shine and we use honey for all our spirits. Was wondering if anyone has tried barrel aging to make a bourbon/whiskey and how'd it turn out? Also any idea's on what you would call it? Cheers.
  11. Hi, Very interested in your still is it still available? My phone # is 250 930 7654 and my name is Mike. Cheers
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