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  1. The best to do would to get a hold of an Corian installer and ask for a cut out from a kitchen sink. We just used CA glue (super glue) to put it together. I'm finding the legs to be unnecessary, may be just glue some tabs on the bottom to keep it in place over the chafing dish. The border on top helps a lot with collecting spillage and is just strips of Corian run through the table saw and had the edge rounded over with an 1/8" router bit. Good luck
  2. You can use a pressure bypass valve to allow for continuous flow. This will also allow you to adjust the amount coming out of the nozzle.
  3. The top is a sink cutout from a Corian countertop. Chafing Dish 1/2" copper pipe and fittings. 3/8" stainless pipe uprights. We crimped the tops with a large drill chuck. We brazed the copper to stainless but would recommend compression fittings instead. Mash pump from More Beer. Quick connect fittings. Helps to burp pump for priming and cleaning. We don't seem to use the valve ever. 10" filter from Home Depot In the back ground we have some racks from Costco these have been fantastic for drying. I can get 120 bottles per shelf and the neck of the bottle fits nicely in the 2: mesh hole. We use 15% alcohol solution for rinsing.
  4. We rinse our bottles on a custom made bottle wash with spirits. The spirits are run a particulate filter and after about 1,200 bottles the filter and spirits are changed. The filter is filthy with a gray tint just after 1,200 bottles. I'm not sure how clean bottles are from other manufactures but ours are from China. The last thing I would do would be to put the spirits back into the bottling drum. We also wash the outside of the bottles with a vinegar solution.
  5. Web sight for filter bag. http://www.albaxinc.com/products/filtration-products/sludge-disposal-bags
  6. Vodka when taken to 190 proof but has a unique fruity flavor on the stripping run.
  7. I will try to get more information on the bags and post it here.
  8. It worked well with the taro. We had About a 66% weight reduction and it left the product dry enough to work with ( easily shoveled) I would like to know more about the problems with corn. Do you think it will retain to much moisture?
  9. Bags are about $25 and are reusable. Than we ether compost whats left or take it to the local dump. in this batch we had about a 66% weight reduction and what was left was about the consistency of mashed potatoes.
  10. Grant

    Pink vodka/Gin

    Dragon fruit powder, It comes out a little more red than pink. but might be able to ad less.
  11. Aloha, We are looking for an Accountant that is familiar with Hoochware and Quick Books integration. We are thankful for any suggestions.
  12. A friend of mine that's in the microchip industry sent me these Filter bags. They are made by Swisstainer and come in different micron sizes. In this photo I have spent Taro mash, think Hawaiian Poi. Now I just need to set up a rack system that I can transfer the bag to and let gravity do it work.
  13. BSG was not kind to me ether, we asked them not to ship it UPS and that I would set up a freight forwarder. Next thing I new it was on the way with UPS. Its not easy doing business on an Island in Hawaii.
  14. I Have a Large ocean front distillery In Arizona for sale.
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