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  1. Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    I have DSP but can’t take delivery for approx 5 mos. Are you willing to keep until I can take delivery?
  2. Farm Distillery Survey - Please Respond

    you ever get any answers to these questions? I'm opening one in central New Jersey. If so email to geoff@coltsneckstillhouse.com - Thanks
  3. What went wrong with this mash?

    Thanks will give it a shot
  4. What went wrong with this mash?

    Can anybody tell me what went wrong with this mash bill? I used 8 ga of water 12 lbs of flaked corn, 4lbs Briess malted barley, & 2lbs wheat flake all run through my Monster mill. I boiled at 256 deg for an hour in a 15 ga Blichman kettle using a commercial agitator. I then brought down to 90 deg with a chiller and poured into two 5ga ferment buckets and pitched a champaign yeast called LALVIN D47. Initial Brix was 15.5 and after 4 days only went down to 10 Brix - I guess yielding only 5.5%abv. What'd I do wrong?
  5. Distiller Wanted Central New Jersey

    Looking for distiller to come aboard as we look to build a new distillery in central NJ.