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  1. Uncle Rob

    Hillbilly Still 5500 Controller + Element

    you need to make sure your running 220 volts. I have had a few customers call about this lately. I am having my manufacturer of these to check and see if anything has changed. These are all bench tested at the facility to make sure they pull 22 amps.. Please let us know if you continue to have problems.
  2. There is a Master distiller needed in Paducah Ky. Good salary and benefits with the proper qualifications. They would like 10 years experience in a distillery. They will pay relocating expenses also. If you interested send email to mike@hillbillystills.com and I will put you in contact with the correct people. This operation will consist of 3-1000 gallon batch stills and 2 - 300 gallon stills. These will be all be steam heated. They will be distilling from grain to glass. The 1000 gallon stills will be used for bourbon and rye whiskey. The distillery will be putting up 4000 barrels a year when in full capacity. The facility has pleanty of room to grow also.
  3. Uncle Rob

    HBS Copper

    If your looking for new equipment please give us a opperitunity to work for you. Give us a call at 270-334-3400
  4. We are building Full steam systems now at HBS Copper. We would love to give you a bid on your next system. We strive to give the best price for the best product. We will work with you on any design you would like. We have the knowledge and equipment to build your system. Give us a call at 270-334-3400 m-f 8-4 central time USA. Take a look at our latest video
  5. Uncle Rob

    pneumatic Agitator / Mixer

    This is a brand new mixer that is going to sell cheap. Auction on e bay ends in about 3 hours. It can be purchased for $800.00 http://www.ebay.com/itm/282048148503?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  6. Uncle Rob

    100 Gallon Steam System for sale.

    We have ready to ship a 100 gallon steam still. It has a 6" plated column with 4 plates. The still in the picture is the same still but with a 6 plate column. We have sold the 6 plate column but this is ready to ship with the 4 plate.Give us a call at 270-334-3400 . This thing is priced to sell fast. We look forward to speaking with you. We are ready to make a deal today. Call us and lets get together on pricing. I need this out of my warehouse. This was build for the ADI show and I just need it gone This system can also be used as a Bain Marine kettle. Just circulate hot water though out the steam chamber! Or email orders@hillbillystills.com www.hbscopper.com
  7. Uncle Rob

    Made in America

    I am very sorry about this. Please give us a call back and I will take care of it personally. We can replace this switch for you. Give me a all at 270-334-3400. Ask to speak with Jerrod or Matt. Either one should be able to help you out. You can also ask for me, Mike.. I will take care of this issue
  8. Uncle Rob

    Still Manufacture Issues

    www.hilbillystills.com hbscopper.com
  9. Uncle Rob

    Still Manufacture Issues

    You need to add Hillbilly Stills / HBS Copper to this list..
  10. Uncle Rob

    Looking for a large mixer for my Letina tank

    These guys are great to work with and they can fix you up.. http://www.fusionfluid.com If you give them a call tell them Hillbilly Stills sent you
  11. Uncle Rob

    What is the internal pressure of a still?

    Always install a pressure relief valve. Your relief valve should never be higher than 10 PSI .. If you get 10 psi in a still you have a real problem and need to shut it down... Safety First.. Always use a pressure relief. We don't build anything without Pressure Relief.. We have stills all over the USA and other countries. We have never had any problems with inspectors when installing our equipmen, partly because of the safety pressure vacuum relief.
  12. Uncle Rob

    Wanted: Pot Still ~400L/100Gal

    let us try and help you out. Let us know what your wanting and We should be able to build it to your design
  13. Uncle Rob

    Rust in stainless still

    I would use a stainless wire wheel and 3M abrasive pads on a angle grinder. You can go down to about 800 grit and it will shine like new.
  14. Uncle Rob

    New Comericial , Craft distillers

    Please take a look at this short video... We can build anything you want. We can also help you decide what type of still you may be looking for. contact us at matt@hbscopper.com https://youtu.be/pEOl-B0_dbI
  15. Uncle Rob

    Closed Loops Chilling - solution

    We do have one customer that is using 2-100 gallon tanks for his cooling water. He has a 100 gallon still and runs about 6 hours per day. his tanks are inside close to his still. In the winter it works fine, in the summer he is having some trouble getting his water as cool as he wants it, but it is still working. One option would be to run the water from your condenser through a condenser coil with a fan on it before it goes back into the tank. This would be a inexpensive was to make it work. Other than that I would recommend calling G&D Chillers. The can set you up with the perfect system. I hope this help you out some.