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    Building equipment. Distilling vodka from Napa grapes in my vacuum still.

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  1. papazulu

    Cannabis Grow

    Can you have a distillery license and a cannabis license in California.
  2. papazulu

    Still design

    Troy A Z, Talk to Lawrence Taylor at http://stilldragon.com He can sell you a column for your keg.
  3. papazulu


    Welcome to the forum. I hope I can help you in the future. Robert.
  4. papazulu

    6" tri-clover tee

    6" stainless steel tee. New never used. Left over from a project. $90. each. 10 available. IMG_2192 copy.tiff
  5. papazulu

    Wanted- Still r&d small batch

    Curt, You can buy a complete system from StillDragon. If you want to use your own tank you can just buy a column. They also have there own forum. Talk to Lawrence Taylor, 954-298-9505
  6. papazulu

    Starter Still / Bench Still Suggestions

    Check out Lawrence Taylor at Still Dragon. Parts to complete systems.
  7. papazulu

    Wanted- Still r&d small batch

    Check out StillDragon.
  8. papazulu

    After 5 years and Broke

    It took a lot of intestinal fortitude to write about your closing. Please send me your information so I can send you something.
  9. papazulu

    Trademark for new gin distillery?

    Try Luke Brean. http://breanlaw.com
  10. papazulu

    Looking for Still 100 to 300 gal

    Check StillDragon. I have had good luck, talk to Larry. 954-298-9505
  11. I would to like to hear about your Crowd Funding experience with Distilleries.
  12. papazulu

    Hello from Big Sky Country

    Duncan, Get those URL's and trademarks going. Don't let anybody steal you name.
  13. papazulu

    California 25175 Question on Whiskey Labeling?

    Dear Cris, I tried to donate money and it was returned. I emailed you to talk to you, you never returned my email. I tried to get CADG to look into Arthur actions. If you need a reminder of what he said go to http://truthincraftdistilling.com/Truth_in_Craft_Distilling/Arthur_Hartunian.html. Look up the definition of hypocrisy. .
  14. papazulu

    California 25175 Question on Whiskey Labeling?

    Dear Cris, The CADG is not open to all California craft distillers. I hope many existing and new DSP's will consider joining a organization that does not hold its executive staff to the rules and code of conduct. You know who I'm talking about.
  15. papazulu

    Looking to purchase a new or used still

    Arch & Mark, Don't forget Grand Teton Distillery. They have equipment.