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  1. We use an amount of .7lb-1.3lbs/gal and pump it at a rate of 2gpm.
  2. We use a 5micron and 1 micron filtration at room temperature that removes all the sediment in our bottles. What helps as well is THOROUGH mechanical mixing of the honey and spirit. It doesn't have to be fancy...just something to fully blend the honey and spirit.
  3. As a short-term solution, we would circulate municipal water through our jacket and get the temp to ~100f and then add a cpl hundred pounds of ice to get to pitch temp. We also add 75% of the strike water during the mashing process, then pump in the remaining water after conversion. This drops the temp significantly!...it does however increase your grain to water ratio so you'll have to ensure your agitator can handle it. Best.
  4. A little late to this topic. However, we've been using Repsly for our sales reps. and it's been excellent! Roughly $60/month but tracks all sales activities, scheduling, route planning, orders etc. I highly recommend it.
  5. Well fellas, I figured out the problem and wanted to run a batch successfully before posting on here. After checking everything suggested... I rechecked my enzymes and have apparently been using beta-glucanase as my beta-amylase since the last order (when the problem started). I usually order a high-temp alpha, beta, and beta glucanase. I apparently ordered 2 beta glucanase containers and never second guessed it. I put them in the usual places in the cooler and have been grabbing them like usual, not looking at the actual containers. I was even placing the beta glucanase in t
  6. Water Report Attached Water Report.pdf
  7. Thanks for the responses fellas. Apoogies in advance for the long response. I did end up distilling the batch in the picture and as Denver distilling mentioned it turned out more acidic…but wasn’t as bad as I expected. Our grain bills vary, however we’ve used the same grains from the same farmer for two years. I’ve reached out to other distilleries that have also used the same supplier and they haven’t experienced any issues. Milling level is done by the supplier and has not changed. We use enzymes from the same manufacturer. I used a new batch of enzymes and yeast pr
  8. Thanks for the replies fellas. We've been producing with open top fermenters for 2 years without any issues. We also just did a deep clean of the DSP last month. I'm working on finding a lab that is suited for testing fermentation wort. So far none are setup to do so. Any recommendations? We produce bourbon, wheat whiskey and corn vodka, all of which are now ending in an infection. I've used a new order of grains and yeast with the same result. I even switched back to 50lb bags to ensure less exposure to moisture or air compared to super sacks. We're using unmalted grains ce
  9. We're using a couple yeast all with the same result. We pitch at 72f and the temp for fermentation will be between 84-88f. Our water profile is on the higher sediment level, but we adjust that with filtering. I'll pick up some yeast nutrients and see if that helps. We are fermenting open like in the pictures, we keep a clean environment, however i'll throw a lid and build an air lock on the next batch to see if that changes anything. What is your guy's typical final ph? Thanks again for the help.
  10. I have not plated it or checked the cell density. I have left it to sit for 9 days. This is the result. Obviously, not a savable batch. Smells strongly like vinegar. Thoughts?
  11. Hey Guys, Thanks for the responses. The PH at start was 4.9, at point of stall and every day after it's held at 4.0 I'm not adding any additional nutrients for the yeast and ordered a 2nd batch of yeast with the same result. Any particular nutrients that you recommend?
  12. Hey guys, I recently started having a string of fermentations stop at about 5% instead of the typical 10%. I've spent a week racking my brain for the cause and can't come to any conclusions. Any ideas or thoughts? Below are more details about the fermentations and attached is our latest water quality report. I appreciate any advice or suggestions. Details (2) 650 gallon fermentations with only 5%abv. I assumed it was something competing with the yeast so I completely tore down and cleaned/sanitized the fermenters...then mashed 2 more 650 gallon batches with the same result.
  13. Hey Fellas, Hopping on this topic to see if anyone can shed some light on my current situation. We purchased a Mori 6-spout bottle filler and love it. The issue we're having is that to get the correct fill height. We have to raise the shelf high enough that we max out the spring travel on the filler nozzles and the bottle isn't able to rest on the shelf. I attached two pictures...Does any one have any suggestions? Appreciate the time and advice. Best. Bottle Height Issue-2.pdf Bottle Height Issue.pdf
  14. We ordered 2 of these tanks. I can't speak highly enough of the quality, customer service and prompt shipping. The tanks were quoted within 15min and we placed our order. The tanks shipped two days later and when they arrived they were well packaged and in perfect shape. The large casters make them a breeze to move around the distillery. Also the standard 1.5" ferrules for the drain make it easy to connect to a bottle filler hose. Additionally there's a small gusset welded from the drain elbow to the bottom of the tank which was a nice touch. I added some ball valves to the drain port and we
  15. Dehner...Would you mind emailing me regarding building your own agitator? We're looking to purchasing agitators now but have built most of our equipment to date...seems like a waste to stop the trend now.....but frankly i'm a little lost on agitator design. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Jon Good Green Door Distilling Company. jon@gddistilling.com
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