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  1. Cooling Water set up feedback

    Folks, Need feedback on my cooling water set up. Due to cost, I want to use a water reservoir for cooling the distillate. On a 250 gallon still with a deplegmator, would a 500 gallon tank of water with a radiator and fan work well? Or...what size water tank would you recommend? Anyone doing same? Thanks in advance.
  2. Solera Aging Whiskey

    The other whiskies or bourbons I've seen that do solera only state 'solera aged'.
  3. Solera Aging Whiskey

    Looking for people's thoughts on solera aging whiskey. I see several companies have offered up version (Hillrock, Blade and Bow, Samuel Franklin). I know Solera aged rums, brandys, cognacs, etc. are well respected. Allegedly provides for greater consistency of product and a smoother product. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  4. Solera Aging Whiskey

    Consistency across small batches is the goal. Plus, solera aging in other spirits is well respected. Essentially, the oldest spirit is in the bottom barrels. Half of this is drained blended then bottled. Bottom barrel is refilled from the barrel above which was a little less old, that barrel is refilled with spirits from above barrel, etc until the top barrel is refilled with new make. given the age of you bottom barrel this would be the minimum age of the spirit since a portion of that barrel is always getting older and the spirits above are aging as well.
  5. So here's one for the peanut gallery. I was watching an episode of "Moonshiners' and two of the guys were running a honey wash in one still and a rye mash in another still and letting the separate vapors come together in the lyne arm and condense together. Said it made for a much cleaner spirit where both the rye and honey carried over more flavor. That got me thinking, could you run a pure corn mash, distill it. Then run a rye mash and distill it, then blend the two together and call it bourbon (once you age of course)? I wonder if there would be any taste benefit, operational benefit, etc. Comments from the peanut gallery.
  6. Point of Sale System

    We are looking for a POS system for our distillery including a tasting room. We are considering Clover, Shopkeepers and Square. Would welcome ADI input. Which is the overall least expensive (swipe charges, system, etc.).
  7. Separating rye and corn into their own mashes

    Could you still call it bourbon?
  8. Barrel Warning

    Someone on here recently warned against using a particular discount barrel maker. The gist of the discussions that they never delivered on time and the barrels were poor quality. If anyone recalls which company this was, could you please share. I can't remember and can't find the original post. Thank you.
  9. Barrel Warning

  10. Inusrance

    Looking for a recommendation for an insurance company that knows what their doing with small distilleries. Our local folks are at a loss. We cant even get a quote on loss of product should a fire or other loss happen. Any guidance would be appreciated!
  11. So is anyone doing the following.... Making your own mash/wash but then adding to that mash bulk spirit from say MGP or ultra pure. Essentially re-Distilling theirs with yours. It would greatly increase our yields...but how do you label it? If you’re doing it, does COLA allow you to say ‘distilled by’ on the label?
  12. Got Our DSP

    JUST AN FYI!!! WE GOT OUR DSP #!!!! (And yes I am yelling).
  13. 300Gal pot still

    I would recommend Paul highly
  14. Small Scale Grain Liquid Separation

    What if you drilled a ton of holes in a plastic 55 gallon barrel. Put that barrel inside and old IBC tote with the top cutoff. Pump your spent mash into barrel. And then Agitate. Water exits into IBC tote and you simply drain the water away?????
  15. Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    70 days. Just got our DSP last week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we get to go deal with the state of Virginia.
  16. Analytical Labs

    these guys may be able to help.
  17. Analytical Labs

    If you get an answer to this, could you share? I asked the same elsewhere and haven't had a reply. I'll forward on as well if I do get a reply. Thanks in advance.
  18. Still agitator

    Call Paul at Affordable Distilling Equipment. They are terrific to work with. He's 'SouthernHighlander' just above this post.
  19. Operational Protocol

    I don't quite know where this question would fit so I'll try here. Our county just pulled the rug out from under us and has essentially said we can only have 30 gallons in any given control site. They have asked for an 'operational protocol' describing the process and handling of all material from mashing in to final bottling. Has anyone had to do such a thing? If so, would you be willing to share it. Looking to steal from better minds. Thank you in advance John
  20. Label Design

    message me. We found a designer that works for a major firm out of NYC that does freelance work as well. He was a FRACTION of what these design firms cost.
  21. Bain Marie Heat transfer oil

    Is there anything in the jacket or in the finish of the interior wall of the jacket that would repent us using that hot water for future mash-ins?
  22. Sourcing Certifiable Thermometers

    All of these companies sell the 'certification services' in addition to the thermometers and hydrometers. Do you have to buy the certification services? They're several hundred dollars just for that service.
  23. Prrofing high solid spirits

    Does anyone send their high solids spirits out to a lab for 'proof observation by evaporation' for proofing? If so, looking for lab recommendations and cost. Thanks in advance.
  24. Bain Marie Heat transfer oil

    Paul: Does running our bain maries on oil vs. water make a material difference in electricity use?