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  1. Where in Virginia? Thanks - Sean
  2. SeanC

    InsuranceMan 2.0

    I hope you count us as one of those four! Welcome back, and we'd like to do business again. Sean
  3. SeanC

    New Bond Regulations Made Understandable

    Thanks for the summary Aaron - it is appreciated. Sean
  4. Good Morning! I’m Sean with Tobacco Barn Distillery in Southern Maryland and have been a lurker on this forum for well over two years. I figured it’s about time that I officially joined so that I can express my gratitude for what I’ve learned from all of you during this time. With the help/ information in this forum, we received our DSP permit, and, beat the national average for that month by 22 days! Although the list of folks on this forum that I need to thank is long, I would be remiss if I didn’t specifically single out Aaron Linden, and Holly Bowers from HUB International. Their tireless assistance with bonding and insurance is truly appreciated. With any luck, and at some point in the future, I’ll be able to help someone as much as you all have helped me. Thanks, Sean added website http://www.tobaccobarndistillery.com