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  1. Did you sell the Race Junior Labeling machine yet ? Thank you

    1. John D

      John D

      I still have the labeling machine. buyer backed out.

  2. Do you have any rye barrels ? What distillery are you ? Thanks
  3. Any venders out there with bottles, barrels , agave, molasses and any other products I may need?
  4. Just received my Fed Permit, I applied on 4-19-16.
  5. Hi Everyone, My name is Kerry Williams , I am trying to start up a small craft distillery in Fredericksburg, Texas. I would like to thank Danny Maguire and Derrick Mancini from Quincy Street Distillery in Riverside, Il for giving me the opportunity to be an intern at their distillery. I learned a lot about making their GREAT products but I still have a lot to learn. I would also like like to thank all the people at Garrison Brothers', Hill Country Distillers, and Cypress Creek Reserve for advise that they have given me. Hopefully my son and I will be producing spirits by the end of this Summer.
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