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  1. DistillersWay

    Corking machine T-Corker

    Ferndale, WA 98248
  2. DistillersWay

    $0.40/bottle 750ml and 1L

    Hi Spirited PDX, we have 7 of the 750ml and 8 of the 1L available.
  3. DistillersWay

    $0.40/bottle 750ml and 1L

    Cleaning out inventory of excess glass from past clients. Available: 750ml NNPB bottle 28-350 screw cap -112 cases/pallet (12pk | 1344 bottles/pallet) asking $0.40/bottle ($537.6/pallet) OBO 1Liter NNPB bottle 28-350 screw cap -88 cases/pallet (12pk | 1056 bottles/pallet) asking $0.40/bottle ($422.4/pallet) OBO I also have a few boxes of black plastic 28-350 screw caps (2,300/box) I will throw in. FOB Ferndale, WA 98248 Feel free to call or email with further questions or offers. 1.360.929.4441
  4. DistillersWay

    Corking machine T-Corker

    Dropping price for the T-corker. $4500 for anyone interested
  5. DistillersWay

    1L Kaleido O-I bottles (Oslo, Nordic, etc.)

    Hi Cane Creek, Yes the bottles are still available. I apologize for such a late response. feel free to call as well. 360.929.4441
  6. DistillersWay

    1L Kaleido O-I bottles (Oslo, Nordic, etc.)

  7. DistillersWay

    1L Kaleido O-I bottles (Oslo, Nordic, etc.)

    All good Georgeous! These bottles are bulk packed on a pallet with dividers so they are currently 120 bottles per layer on the pallet not in 12pk cases. I have flat 6pk cases corrugate, enough for you to erect the box and dividers and pack the bottles once filled into. (these I'll include for free of course) The corrugated boxes state our DSP#, you will be required to cover it as it would represent the wrong DSP (a sticker would work fine) Please review images for further clarification
  8. I have 12,000 50ml bottles from berry plastics with screw caps all PET for liquor bottles available. I also have corrugated cardboard cases (12 bottles each) available in Kraft, these make great gift boxes for the holidays. We used them for a liquor store release and ended up with far too many left. asking $2,000 for the caps, bottles (corrugated I will throw in for free) OBO looking to recover some costs here. FOB Ferndale, WA, 98248 Thank you, Jesse jesseparker@distillersway.com 1.360.929.4441 b18rd50gt.pdf
  9. a half pallet of 1L Kaleido bottles from O-I available. These are the classic 'craft' bottles out there. bulk packed with dividers (no scuffing) on a pallet. Approximately 460 bottles in total. I also have 6pk corrugated Kraft color packaging with dividers I would throw in for free (it does have our DSP so you must cover).. Asking $200 OBO FOB Ferndale, WA 98248. thats less than $0.50/bottle. let me know. Best, Jesse jesseparker@distillersway.com 1.360.929.4441 KALEIDO.pdf
  10. Selling excess glass from our facility FOB Ferndale Wa 98248 1L NNPB bottle approximately 616 cases (12pk) 88 cases per pallet, 7 pallets available (7392 bottles) asking $0.50/bottle cased or best offer. 750ml NNPB bottle approximately 896 cases (12pk) 112 cases per pallet, 8 pallets available. asking $0.50/bottle cased or best offer. Cases are blank white cases. must purchase 1 pallet minimum (will not break down) Both of these are 28-350 kerr caps the basic plastic tamper evident caps like on Tito's. I will throw in the caps for free if interested. Best, Jesse 1.360.929.4441 jesseparker@distillersway.com
  11. DistillersWay

    Corking machine T-Corker

    Skaalvenn, thank you for your interest. I imagine it isn't much quieter than you remember adding a thicker padding to the barrel (it comes with a 1/4" padding) would certainly help deaden the sound of a thousand corks rolling about. also if you keep a larger volume of corks in the barrel it will help reduce some noise. You could also run it without the barrel all together, you would simply have to add more corks more often to the slide tray or you could have CCR send you the switchback slide tray to accommodate more corks. Best, Jesse
  12. DistillersWay

    Canadian Whiskey

    Approximately 670 Wine gallons at 93 proof 3yr Canadian whiskey for sale (approx. 620pg). Will be offered in 275wg IBC totes FOB ferndale WA 98248. This was for a private label client that is no longer with us and we would like to free up space. looking for $5.00 per proof gallon or best offer. Can send samples to DSPs as well. Thank you Jesse 1.360.929.4441 jesseparker@distillersway.com
  13. DistillersWay

    Wrap Labeler

    Never used for production wrap around automatic label machine from Pack leader. Initially bought to slide in line on our in-line system for ease of bottle switch outs. We are changing our line and do not need this label machine. (used for a test run only). Depending on the length of the label and bottle size, up to 100 containers per minutes but will label automatically as a bottle passes the sensor so perfect for hand bottlers as well as high speed lines. The Packleader ELF-50 is incredibly easy top use, adjustments of in-feed, wrap belt and line belt are automatically synced. Label Specifications: Base Paper Translucent Reel Inner Diameter: 76 mm Reel Outer Diameter: 250 mm Gap of Label 3 mm min. Width of Base Paper Label Width + 4 mm Width of Label 120 mm Head – 10 ~ 120 mm Length of Label 15 ~ 300 mm (Standard) Label roll direction: #4 Left side of copy dispenses first. We initially set it up to run 50ml PET bottles and both the 750ml and 1L OSLO (Kaleido, Nordic) style bottles. These are incredibly robust and low maintenance label machines. Packleader also has exceptional and quick responses when help is needed. I also had a small powder coated cart made to hold the machine and a shelf for label storage for quick changes I would be happy to throw in with the machine (on wheels). Initially paid $10,500 plus $350 for the cart. I am open to offers but am Asking $7,500 for the machine. Best and please message for further details. Jesse Parker 1.360.929.4441 jesseparker@distillersway.com
  14. Design CCR Model D t-corker with cache barrel. http://designccr.com/corkers/model-d/ I have a very lightly used model D semiauto t-corker for sale, we bought for our initial start up phase but within a few months decided we needed something a little more substantial to pair with our bottling line. These things are basically bullet proof and can function for a long time with little to no maintenance. This unit includes 2 slide trays for the main two cork diameters, 21.5mm and the 19mm shanks. Initially purchased for $6,000 plus an additional slide tray ($350). This unit is practically brand new. Asking $5000 OBO. Thank you, Jesse 1.360.929.4441 jesseparker@distillersway.com
  15. Hello High Tide, Is the still still available? also how is this controlled (electric control box?) what Volt and Phase is it. I am looking to purchase a still ASAP and would like to have it shipped soon. Feel free to call me or email I would like to chat, Thanks Jesse P. 360.929.4441 jesseparker@distillersway.com