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  1. DistillersWay

    750ml Bottles 10 CENTS!!!!

    I believe I have 1 box of caps (2,300 caps per box) might have two laying around. I'd throw them in for $0.11/bottle total plus freight. Let me know!
  2. I desperately need warehouse space and we don;t package in these anymore so looking to off load as many as possible. I have 25 pallets of this glass, it is a very attractive bottle and we liked using it but our clients decided to change direction and we need them gone to free up for more glass etc. These are from Saver Glass "ECLAT MOON RISING" with a 28-350 tamper evident screw cap finish. These look really sharp on the shelf and are high grade glass. They come in bulk pack 1080 bottles/pallet I do have corrugated 12 pk cases for them. FICHE_Bordelaise_ECLAT_MOON_RISING_1.pdf
  3. DistillersWay

    750ml Bottles 10 CENTS!!!!

    I desperately need warehouse space and I need these bottles out of here. You pay shipping and at $0.10/bottle makes for a deal. I have 8 pallets of these bottles. They are the NNPB 750ml 28-350 screw cap, the type you typically see well products in. normally $0.60/bottle+ shipping These are in 12pk cases ready to go. Please send me an offer750ml NNPB.pdf Details: 120cases/pallet (1440 bottles) approximate weight 1250 pounds per pallet 40"x48"x98" Located Ferndale WA 98248 I can assist in shipping and invoice for the total as well. If you buy all the pallets at once I can make a better offer!
  4. DistillersWay

    SAVER GLASS $0.50/bottle

    Yes I am, Ferndale, Wa 98248 to be exact. Have nay questions? feel free to email or call anytime! jesseparker@distillersway.com +1.360.929.4441
  5. DistillersWay

    SAVER GLASS $0.50/bottle

    I have around 25,000 of this bottle left over from a private brand. I am looking to sell the lot or I can sell individual pallets as well. Minimum 1 pallet (1080/bottles/pallet) These are bulk packed 750ml 12x15x6layers with dividers to keep from scuffing and shrink wrapped, never been opened. I need the space in the warehouse and can quote freight if you give me an address. I am asking $0.50/bottle. These are 28-350 Kerr screw top finished bottles, they can take the basic tamper evident caps you see in the market for 2 cents all the way to high end finished 28-350 caps with overshells (what we did was aluminum). The attachment from Saver Glass is a bartop THIS BOTTLE IS A SCREW TOP, see attached image. I can also connect you with cap provides if needed. I can include for free 12pk corrugated cases until I run out (around 10-15k of these in stock) also I can connect you with our corrugated for re-makes if needed. Willing to drop price for bulk offers. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone we are based in Washington State Cheers, Jesse Parker jesseparker@distillersway.com +1.360.929.4441 FICHE_Bordelaise_ECLAT_MOON_RISING_1.pdf
  6. DistillersWay


    I have a bag of silver aluminum synthetic corks we used from TAPI can throw in. Cant believe I didn't put the size in, their 1Liters
  7. I have a partial pallet of the Saver Glass produced Oslo bottle and Kraft 6pk cases to go with it. This is virtually the same bottle as the Nordic, Kaleido and I imagine many other names. We no longer sell this bottle and would like to get it out of our warehouse to make more room. approximately 400 bottles. I would be cool with only charging for 360 which is 3 complete layer son the pallet ($72.00) takes it! plus you pay freight. I can get fairly competitive freight quotes very quickly if you supply address and and if you need a liftgate or not. Feel free to email or call me I tend to respond quicker to these rather than the forum. jesseparker@distillersway.com 1.360.929.4441 Best, Jesse
  8. DistillersWay

    BOTTLES 750ml & 1 Liter $0.15/bottle

    Ferndale, WA 98248 I can arrange shipping or quote shipping if wanted/needed.
  9. DistillersWay

    BOTTLES 750ml & 1 Liter $0.15/bottle

    Yep, Bluestar you are correct. my apologies, it is the 1L is 88cs/pallet the 750 is 120cs/pallet... Thanks for catching that!
  10. NNPB 28-350 screw cap finish NEED TO GET OUT OF STORAGE TO MAKE MORE ROOM FOR INCOMING BOTTLES 7 pallets 1 Liter -120 cases/pallet 12pk approx 1,215 lbs/pallet 8 pallets 750ml 88 cases/pallet 12pk approx 1117 lbs/pallet These are packed in corrugated with dividers so simply unload, fill, then refill cases and ship out. I can also tell you who I bought them from if you want continuing stock down the road. You pay shipping.
  11. DistillersWay

    Corking machine T-Corker

    Ferndale, WA 98248
  12. DistillersWay

    $0.40/bottle 750ml and 1L

    Hi Spirited PDX, we have 7 of the 750ml and 8 of the 1L available.
  13. DistillersWay

    $0.40/bottle 750ml and 1L

    Cleaning out inventory of excess glass from past clients. Available: 750ml NNPB bottle 28-350 screw cap -112 cases/pallet (12pk | 1344 bottles/pallet) asking $0.40/bottle ($537.6/pallet) OBO 1Liter NNPB bottle 28-350 screw cap -88 cases/pallet (12pk | 1056 bottles/pallet) asking $0.40/bottle ($422.4/pallet) OBO I also have a few boxes of black plastic 28-350 screw caps (2,300/box) I will throw in. FOB Ferndale, WA 98248 Feel free to call or email with further questions or offers. 1.360.929.4441
  14. DistillersWay

    Corking machine T-Corker

    Dropping price for the T-corker. $4500 for anyone interested
  15. DistillersWay

    1L Kaleido O-I bottles (Oslo, Nordic, etc.)

    Hi Cane Creek, Yes the bottles are still available. I apologize for such a late response. feel free to call as well. 360.929.4441