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  1. tuesdaygamby

    Using bulk distilled spirits?

    Distilleries who have purchased and aged/bottled bulk distilled spirits: What has the response been? How did you present the decision to customers and wholesale buyers? What were the downsides? What were the upsides? Would you do it again? Thanks!
  2. tuesdaygamby

    Source for all labeling rules by TTB

    Thanks S101!
  3. tuesdaygamby

    Source for all labeling rules by TTB

    Is the 27 CFR the only place listing rules from the TTB? or is there another guide?
  4. tuesdaygamby

    Wood fermenter hardware

    thanks Jamesbednar The tank is 2.5+ inches thick so that particular one will not work, the word bulkhead though, lead me to this: http://www.amazon.com/Banjo-TF200SS-Stainless-Bulkhead-Fitting/dp/B0079JUA1Y Which may work. If I attach a npt to triclover. But pricey
  5. tuesdaygamby

    Wood fermenter hardware

    I am looking for tri-clamp fittings that can be used to attach fittings to the side and bottom of a wood open fermenter. Picture attached. Anyone know where to find some? Thanks!