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  1. Florida DOES NOT allow direct to retail. In Florida you are at the mercy of distributors and very limited retail to the public. Its assinine.
  2. Ive heard of the forcing the vodka up from the bottom method. Can you please provide a simple diagram of how this is done.
  3. Any good used manual or semi manual labelers out there taking up space? Ill buy it.
  4. Our grand opening will be in Mid June.
  5. Thx , theres is not a lot of specific information on filtering. How much active carbon should I use to spirits ratio and how many times can you run said spririts through the same carbon.
  6. Besides filtering before and after proofing down, does anyone know of any unique tips on smoothing out the taste of vodka? Maybe a better filter?
  7. Www.thinkuniversal.com they provide case holders for your bottles. I am assuming when you say cardboard this is what you are looking for
  8. P diddy took Ciroc from nothing to 400 million in sales. Its all marketing and creating a following like deep Eddy vodka did in Austin Texas. Music sells products. Well it sounds easy but its about getting out of the Distillery and into what ever niche you think will help you promote your brand. Get ready Arizona, we are next!
  9. Do you make those custom retail store merchandisers?
  10. If u are dealing with the TTB. Don't WASTE your money on an attorney. Be persistent. Call, call again. Ask for supervisors. Call your federal Congressmen. Just my 2 cents from past experience.
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