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  1. So stateside there are several companies that do tinning on copper pots and pans. https://eastcoasttinning.com/ might be able to answer some more specific questions. Proper PPE and not poisoning yourself from tin fumes would be top on the list. As to why it is probably the same as it was for pots and pans. Wouldn't want to leech out copper into your food or have your still get eaten by acidic washes.
  2. The specific legal section that covers this is: 26 U.S. Code § 5053.Exemptions (f)Removal for use as distilling material Subject to such regulations as the Secretary may prescribe, beer may be removed from a brewery without payment of tax to any distilled spirits plant for use as distilling material. We have done it several times just like glisade mentioned. It's always good to have a BOL that tracks the transfer so if there are ever any questions you have a paper trail.
  3. @Julius The nails I am referring to are the hoop nails. I didn't know if I should put more back in once I tighten the hoops. My phone's camera is garbage so it may be a bit to attach a picture. @barristerandbrewer I appreciate the caution and information. I will reach out and give you a call soon. Regards, Anthony
  4. Thanks everyone for all the advice. Our production area is not super insulated and we have a great deal of fresh air intake to feed our burners. We end up with whatever ambient humidity there is outside but temp can swing in a single day due to the still heating things up. Humidity is hard to keep up with here since we have the joys of being considered a temperate rainforest. Our summer humidity can be crazy so without going back but I can say that it probably dried out a great deal before leaking started. The biggest change did coincide with the outside temp dropping in the area. When I am resetting hoops is it advisable to put new nails in once i pop out the old ones and tighten things up?
  5. Thank you. I appreciate the insight. I will reach out to our cooper and see what we can do to get everything squared away.
  6. How much barrel dripping and weeping is to much? We recently received a new order of barrels (30gal. #3 char) and when I prepped them with water to get ready to fill, with gin, they were perfectly fine. After a week or two we have daily drips and weeping along the stave edges near either head. Our next big project is to begin our whiskey production and I will be using 53gallon barrels but I am a little apprehensive about buying bigger if these are a problem. Notably, our first batch of barrels did not have this problem and I don't know if I am being overly nit picky or not. In your experience should I expect some level of drips and drops or should the wood stay fairly stable in such a short time span? My major caveat is our first barrels came in the spring and were in the building resting during the hotter months here in NC. But we now have moderate days and cools night with our changing season. I appreciate any advice you all might be able to lend or maybe a preferred barrel supplier that you have had good results with if it really is bad. Anthony
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